What's innit

Thanks to those who did the little poll on the right. Not scientific, I know, but interesting nevertheless. I might do a slightly more probing poll in the future. It seems politics is overwhelmingly popular. Music is not as popular as I thought. Whatever "miscellaneous" is, it is popular, as is "personal stuff". Probably the most useful to me is the reasonably positive vote for "personal stuff" because I cannot be sure how boring or otherwise that is, since it is about me and accordingly just plain subjective. I did not have a "humour" category, but then again, the stuff I think is funny never seems to go down well. Any suggestions here are appreciated. Honest, I don't want strokes, I genuinely have no idea how this blog goes down. I do however, mean to do the stuff I like whatever..and that is what blogging's about. Ye can always get yer own.


Jim Baxter said...

It's the perspectives, the insights into a wide range of stuff that I like about this blog. The unexpected encounters that set you thinking or remembering something that you'd forgotten was important.

The politics interest me least - boring and predictable - but that's only because I usually already think exactly the same.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

It is true - I don't visit Cranmer or Devil's Kitchen or Old Holborn much because we tend to say the same kind of thing, only they are better at it than me.

I think my USP, if there is one, is to remember that there are a lot of people out there who do like to be reminded of the rich seam of experiences that have been temporarily mislaid.