Can you imagine five more years of Brown?

Five more years of Gordon Brown and Labour. Five more years of lies and profligacy in which, not only will you pay more towards the self-preservation of party loyalists, and their quangos, and their bent judiciary and their propaganda arm, the BBC, but also, your children will pay for this. And what of the alternative? In England and Wales, there is only the Tories. Stagnation. That is all you will get if the Tories win a majority. More of the same, except that maybe, the spending may get less. Maybe. A few of the more absurd initiatives may be binned. Maybe. We already know that the political and fiscal infrastructure has been changed so that many of the reversals of policy will be impossible. The British public has no appetite for radial solutions. In fact the British public appears to be interested in nothing but its own affairs.

We have reached a moral low in this country. There is a blind refusal to declare the obvious, which is that British public life operates in a morality free environment, in the mistaken belief that is according all comers a level playing field, whether they be axe-murderers or nuns. I am astonished that some people are already making out Steven Purcell to be some kind of Martyr. This disgusts me. He is clearly a man of low character, whose response to being found out is to flee to the other side of the world, after failing to shut people up with the threat of legal action and hiring fancy PR firms. God only knows how rotten Glasgow City Council must be to have kept this quiet for so long.
This is the true face of Labour; it is all about control and command by any means. Truth, and integrity and decency apparently count for nothing. This is your country. This is what it has come to. Five more years of Brown will make no difference. It is the people of Britain who go along with it that I am angry about ad unless they wake up to the fact that you have to have some kind of value system, based upon an understanding of what is right and what is wrong, this country will descend to the level of a third world country.
Great civilisations, such as Britain once was, decline because of two things: decadence and economic disaster. It can be equally asserted though, that they rise, initially, because of greed and conquest. Neither these states are acceptable. But there are places in the world that have avoided both extremes, and they have an uncanny knack of spotting the rot and doing something about it.

This will probably be the last year this blog continues in this form. It is just not worth the hassle of arguing with people who have no idea what it going down, especially when censorship and government sponsored harassment will make it impossible.


Richard said...

Just the post title makes me want to lie down and weep.

We are in a terminal decline, I am sure of it. Just like Rome, we are watching our system get more and more corrupt, while the people are distracted by their panem et circenses and couldn't give a toss. The British have no appetite for revolution, and the few politicians who seem to speak my language (Hannan, David Davies for two) seem to have been sidelined, or sidelined themselves.

I sometimes wonder if a Labour victory, when the awfulness of our situation will really come home to roost on their watch, and they will have to do some massively unpopular stuff, is how it might get better. Labour would surely implode, which is a consummation devoutly to be wished. But there isn't much on the other side to be cheerful about - just more of the same, with a blue tinge.

I never thought I would say this, but I think a revolution is the only way out of the mess. The current system needs to be dismantled, and some new parties (truly socialist and truly free-market) allowed to fight it out. The present situation is intolerable.

squandered wealth said...

It's only in the last 50 years that Britain could be called a civilised society. Before then it was the haves and have nots. Money and power was in the hands of a few and most people eeked out a meagre existence in domestic service, millwork or on the land. There were a few exceptions like Lord Nelson who managed to climb to the top of the pile through hard work. But by and large if you could no longer work then you starved to death. Or got hung or transported to Australia for stealing food.
That's where we are going back to as we have squandered our wealth with corrupt banking, outsourcing of our manufacturing base abroad, mass importation of unskilled 3rd world immigrants, illegal expensive wars, an extended public sector and a benefits system that deters people from wanting to better themselves.

strapworld said...

Richard, Why are the military out of the country in great numbers? Indeed most of the Labour Governments time in office they have been 'at war' keeping our military away from these shores. WHY?

You may recall that Wilson's government suffered from a real threat of a military coup. Talks of former generals recruiting an army were, I can assure you, not fictitous. So Blair was determined to ensure that he would not suffer the same fate.

Then you will recall that when Labour are in opposition the great unwashed take to the streets. Regularily.

Look at the Trades Unions they are controlled by communists, but the membership is made up of conservative supporters etc. WHY? Because, as you say and as WW points out Truth, integrity and decency have gone.

People come home, close the front door and block out the world. They are, as I constantly say, in their own private cocoon oblivious to everything outside that cocoon.

I do not think they watch the news -or it is just background noise as they make a cup of tea or talk about their next car, holiday, purchase etc.

Only when they cannot afford Sky, when they have no job, no benefits,
possible evicted, will people wake up.

But the great EU will then step in and be seen by the mass as the great protector.

God, I am making myself so depressed writing this.

WW please continue, it will be the only way the resistance will keep each other informed.

Richard said...

WW, you're making a lot of people very depressed with this post! Why don't we all cheer up, get pissed and watch Big Brother?

TheHuMan said...

Agree with the comments and the article.

The question is "What to do?".

In the short-term, hope that the tories get back in and sort out the debt by slashing both taxes and spending.

In the longer-term, changing our democracy to a better democracy is the only way.

First, our people must now be part of the decision-making process (government has shown itself to be fully immersed in both corruption and incompetence, without any sense of accountability, that must end), not just once in 5 years, but whenever they feel it is necessary and on any issue that they feel is justified.

Second, we must be able to fully access all of the nation's accounts without question.

A movement needs to be set-up for "The People's Law", perhaps Miss Lumley could help!, to press just that.

It is quite possible that it is only in a moment of economic and political unrest, as we have now, that such an opportunity can arise for such change to succeed.

There is always hope whilst people still care about our small nation.

Richard said...

If Labour are still hitting around 30% in the polls, then I'm not sure that people do care any more. As long as they have their panem et circenses, then all them politicians can do what they like, innit. What is a source of complete amazement to me is that, with all the manifold failures and wrong judgements, lies, spin, deceit, arrogance and sheer wank, that Labour aren't on 2% or less. (The answer, I know, is the benefits/public sector client state they have created for themselves, who will not vote for an end to the gravy train.) Ever since Bernie Ecclestone, the Tories have been shooting at an open goal, and they haven't scored once. So - a bad government allowed to continue in power by a feeble opposition.

Cameron doesn't even have to be specific: all he needs to say over the next few weeks is:

1. I will get people off benefits and back to work
2. I will control immigration
3. I will end the nanny state
4. I will give you the referendum on Europe that Labour promised and then denied you
5. I will stop Britain being a soft touch, and put British interests first in whatever I do.

Tory lead of 30% within hours, guaranteed.