Election? Don't hold yer breath

Just before the weekend, there was talk of an announcement. Yes, finally, Gordon was going to the Queen to ask for a dissolution. Even Guido was leading on this, telling everybody that leave had been cancelled at the Beeb and extra chocolate hob nobs were being ordered to keep the troops going.

Nothing happened.

I have been fairly consistent in my stance on this: Brown is a bottler, and will not go to the country until the bitter end. He will be forced to have a June election because he is incapable of making decisions. In effect, the Parliament Act will make the decision for him.

So, don't hold yer breath. act normally and don't hoard tins of pineapple chunks and twiglets. Gordon Brown is not about to call an election.

A quick word on non doms. People have a right to put their hard earned cash where they want. Altruism is not legally required. If you want to live in Switzerland to avoid paying taxes, or still want to fund political parties, why not. This is a global village, and the idea that living outside of England is in some way wrong is purely a social construct.


Noble peers said...

I'm not so sure WW. Lord Ashcroft has been able to vote on how much tax we pay knowing it won't affect him. We keep hearing about the West Lothian question but this is another area that should have been sorted out. There are also Liebour peers voting for us to pay more tax of course.

Although the 'other place' is routinely overuled when they try and vote down the governments policies there are a few policies that get amended that suit the needs of our Noble Lords or their business interests. Maybe if they were affected by the policies they wouldn't vote for them.
Stomach churning seeing Mandy trying to investigate wrongdoings by Lords. And of course the 24/7 coverage by the BBC who seem to have ignored the pound dropping through the floor and concentrated on this story instead.
I see a millionaire BBC star has died under unusual circumstances. Autoerotic asphyxiation after his gay lover left him. I'd never heard of this star or his programmes. I'd never heard of our olympic medallist or her sport either. Maybe I should get out more ?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Noble Peers. I had never heard of this TV presenter either. Not having a TV might be something to do with it.

It is quite clear now that there is a culture of excess at the BBC, promulgated by under 30's who cannot handle the priviledge of working for our public broadcasting system. This is not the first gay presenter to end his life by some perverted method,or by drugs or both.

Sadly, a Gay mafia has been operating in at the BBC for years; even a former gay journalist, Patrick Muirhead, said that being gay was "practically compulsory".

It is just another case of people screaming "equality" and then taking the piss. People who join the BBC should understand what their responsibilities are, and I am afraid they do not. Even Blue Peter was damaged by embryos who clearly, as members of the prevailing culture, think it is ok to lie to people.