F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

Is it my eyesight or does the Bahrain race really look like a badly rendered Playstation Game?
I didn't see the whole race, and missed the pre-race chat and the start, but I saw three-quarters of it.

I was glad to see that Massa has made a very good comeback after last year's terrible accident. I thought he had been reduced to smiling vacantly and having his catheter emptied at one point last year. Louis Hamilton seemed to have a good race and was there, on the pedal, when Vettel scuttered to a dawdle with engine trouble. Ferrari are back! You cannot take away from Alonso's win. In the end you have to get the car over the line. All in all, a fair start to the season, but predictably, not exactly a buttock-clenching one.


JPT said...

I thought it looked a bit surreal also.

RantinRab said...

I'm not pleased that Schumacker is back. I'm not a fan of his.

Hopefully the season will be a whole lot less boring than previous ones.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I get the impression none of us are overwhelmed.

scrap it said...

Amazed that folk still watch this spectacle that makes paint drying exciting. Cars going round in circles driven by boring non entities. Drivers pulling into the slow lane when their 'champion' wants past and might win overall. Oh and Bahrain. A one party state that denies it's poor shia population basic housing and sanitation yet spends millions on this wankfest of the vanities.

Richard said...

It's *Lewis*, Lewis!

Underwhelmed? Me too. So underwhelmed I didn't see it.

Dave said...

I watched it (except for when I fell asleep in the middle).
I don't know what to say. The track was awful. Section 2 was a twisty bit that seemed to last an eternity and no-one could overtake there.
Once upon a time it was a case of fortune favouring the brave, but now it's fortune favouring the careful.
I'm a fan of F1. I may get to like this new version, but I somehow doubt it.
No-body overtakes anymore, and the few who would once have risked a kamikaze dive up the inside won't now risk their tyres.
An own goal I think.