PMQs Harman vs Hague

I have never seen such a one-sided PMQs. Hague was statesmanlike and assured, Harman was crap. Go here for the video if you have not seen it.

Of course, the Bottler, the Snot Gobbler was too cowardly to attend PMQs in a week when Britain has effectively lost its Triple A credit rating, instead choosing to cite as an excuse, the visit of (as if he really gives a flying fuck) the President of South Africa.

This woman is hopeless. I can now understand why both Bliar and Brown were distraught when she was elected deputy leader. Really, at this week's PMQ's, a sixth form school girl would have done better. It's frightening. These people are running the country. Especially when she had the most expensive private education money can buy. Yes, she went to Saint Paul's, the most exclusive, the most expensive prep school for girls. Best quote from Hague: the one about Mr Harman being parachuted in to a safe Labour seat which inexplicably did not have one of Harperson's all girlie shortlists.


Labour man to the end said...

Cynical me thinks Michael Foot hung on until the end of PMQ's so that it would overshadow debate on the Harpersons abysmal display of incompetence.
At the end of PMQ's slippery Jack made a statement saying he was proud to be 'the minister for the banning of bribes'.
Lord Fondlbrazilians Ring will be asking for investigations into dodgy peers next. Oh hang on...he has.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I just don't get this line of attack - Labour has had its fair share of dodgy dealings and cash for peerages. It cannot go down well with the voters. Personally, I think they are playing to the press, who are lapping it up like grateful spaniels.

boring non story said...

Sky News are still flogging it to death tonight despite no one being remotely interested. As if joe bloggs gives a monkeys about every possible nuance of being a non dom or who said what and when. We know they're all crooks. Time to move on.