Steven Purcell

I know very little about Steven Purcell, former leader of Glasgow City Council whose public meltdown is clearly the tip of a very slushy iceberg.

A lot of people knew about Purcell's not so secret life and did nothing. He appears to have been the subject of police investigations and there is much more that should be made public about someone who has wielded so much power and influence while, under the influence. I just cannot help thinking that his immersion in a shady hedonistic subculture, where drug taking is a fundamental part of the lifestyle, and where secrecy and favouritism is rife, is a form of corruption, and an offence against the standards of public office. Some very important people knew what was going on and stayed silent. Considering the seriousness of his drug taking, I wonder why, when the police knew of this habit, that he has not been arrested? And what of the death of a young man who apparently "worshipped" him?

Purcell has fled the country for Australia. So much for the media relations company and the fancy libel lawyers. He's frit. I wonder why? More importantly, in the murky world of the Scottish legal and political elites who protect their own at the cost of natural justice, will any truth ever come out?


a lizard said...

It's sad when you have to go to David Ickes website to find out what's going on !

Wrinkled Weasel said...


subrosa said...

Don't hold your breath for the small world of Scottish justice and politicians to come clean with any of us WW.

Love the tip about eating enroute. As a navigator on occasion I say nature calls. That soon gets attention as the beige leather could become damaged beyond repair. ;)

Anonymous said...

"And what of the death of a young man who apparently "worshipped" him?"

A young man died.

Let him rest in peace and leave his family to mourne in peace.

To do otherwise is shameful.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you Subrosa for an intimate insight into your travel arrangements. Would that be beige leather car seats or your trousers?

Anon, whereas a certain amount of respect should be shown, I am afraid this story is too serious to ignore what may be significant contributory factors.

a lizard said...

WW. There's a much bigger picture hidden in the background involving other cities around Scotland. The same law firm keeps cropping up. Icke has it on his website and forums.

Anonymous said...

FYI It's the same anon as before.

Sorry but that is a futile excuse and does not wash with me.

It is you who is trying to establish a link between the two issues and that is wrong. Why are you doing that when there is plenty of Purcell gossip to be getting on with?

Everyone is entitled to a private life and I am referring here to the youngster who died. His family and friends have that right to privacy. You have no right to take that away from them at this difficult time.

What if it was a relative of yours? You would not like that would you. Enough said.

Your previous comment and your poor defense of it place you firmly in the same boat as gutter journalism. Show a little humanity.

You speak for no-one but yourself.

Anonymous said...

not the same anon a different wan,the lizards talkin aboot levy and mcrae, the watson fella (or scotlands chief clamper) and their ability to gag (or not in this case) the media. aberdeen child abuse case covered up by elected officials and public servants using the public purse? maybe ask that angiolini lassie? or david icke. hollie grieg put that in yer blog!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I know very little about Steven Purcell"

You know even less about the chap that died.

Respect is required.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Anon, since you will not tell me who you are, I am not about to take instructions from you, so either, clear off, or get an identity and make your case. Up to this point, all you have done is copy and paste ideas belonging to somebody else.

Anonymous said...

Same anon here, call me Gill, if that helps you relate.

You say that one of your pet hates is people who borrow their opinions. I have not done that. From what I have read, my opinion is going against the current trend, everyone is baying for blood and drooling.

An anaysis of the times of your posts against other blogs, shows that you have jumped on the bandwagon and copied ideas from elsewhere.

I believe it is necessary to stand up for the little person, those with no voice. I stand against the fascist. You stand very near to fascist behaviour.

You scent blood and you seem to enjoy the chase. Thats fine as far as politicians go, but you have stepped beyond the bounds of common decency and morals by making unfounded innuendos against an innocent young bloke.

If you have any facts, publish and be dammed. Otherwise, apologise.

At no time have I copied and pasted. Go on, tell me where I copied from?? Check all the other blogs- zilch.

All I ask is that you respect the dead and their mourning families. He cannot respond. He is dead.

I notice you have not responded to my question asking you how you would feel if this was a relative of yours.

Is that beneath you?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

"you stand very near to fascist behaviour."

No, Gill, a Fascist, or indeed any member of the Labour Party who has a blog, would simply have binned your comments. Provided you are not just abusive or libelous, comment really is free here. I don't even mind that some of my commenters get the better of me. That's life.