Ashes to Ashes

This is the second time in three months that my visitors have been disrupted in their travel plans, due to natural phenomena. Of course, this time it's Nogbad the Nog and his volcano.

Flying into volcanic dust is bad for planes. They stop. In mid air. At least, the engines do, and unless you have God, personally pulling the strings of the sky hooks, your last words are going to be, "oh Shit".

There is no doubt that you or your nearest and dearest will be affected in the days to come, by this volcano in Iceland. First, they blow away our savings, then they shower us with particles. Do you think they have done this deliberately? What would Bjork do? Anyway, I have a house full and they have to be four hundred miles somewhere else by Monday. I am again running out of smiles and a demeanour of pleasantness and magnanimity, that was calculated to last until they got on the plane.

In other news, there has been a party leader's debate. I have not seen it, but like the video "Two Girls, One Cup" I have watched the reaction to it. Apparently Cleggy has done good. Frankly, I don't give a monkey's anymore. They are all shysters and snake oil salesmen out for themselves. Presently, I am minded to vote UKIP, because I think Nigel Farage doesn't give a toss what people think, and basically has the right policies for me.

There was a short delay this morning as we waited for Gretchen to lay her egg. It went straight into the pan while still warm. Yum.

I am contemplating an 800 mile round trip to rescue our guests (and me) from eternal exile in Scotland. It does not take much for the fabric of society to tear, does it?


Anonymous said...

WW. Here am I, with young wife, in Melbourne for the Comedy Festival followed by the International Jazz Festival now hoping the dust will ensure I remain here for twelve months!!

Sorry about your situation. Personally I would take them to the railway station and kiss them goodbye!


As for voting. As you know I am peed off about the three similar parties. Have no confidence in Ukip so decided to come here to escape it all.

Best wishes.

Jim Baxter said...

That's Nogbad the Bad please.

I believe you can still travel if you booked through Saga.