The Best Bond Theme that never was

Ok so I am having fun with this gadget that does slide shows.

Once in a while you hear a song and you think, "That would make a bloody good James Bond Theme tune". Or maybe, not. Anyway, this one, from Mandragora Scream, an Italian Goth Metal Band, sounds as if it is, but it is not.

Favourite Bond? Roger Moore. Favourite Bond Theme? Too many, but You Only Live Twice, We Have All the Time in the World, Live and Let Die and View to a Kill come to mind.


Jim Baxter said...

If I were Monty Norman I'd sue.


for your eyes only said...

Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond.
My favourite song is still 'For your eyes only' by Sheena Easton. Gives me shivers up my back.
Sheena seems to have disappeared. In America I think.