Sir Terry is so wrong

Wogan has had a go at the news that £150 million has been wasted on flu jabs, in the wake of the H5N1 outbreak.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

He burbles:
Up there with avian flu and "mad cow" disease, your swine thing was just another scare, designed to keep us all running around in circles like headless chickens, while those in power went about their nefarious business unimpeded.
This is rot. The World Health Organisation declared a Phase Six Alert, which meant a pandemic was well underway. Nobody knew at that point whether the virus would just give you a snotty nose and make you feel a bit crap, - or kill you.
We were just lucky this time. Sooner or later, there is going to be a fatal one, and, unlike the pretty bad one of 1918, in which tens of millions died, the next one will benefit from the ease of international air travel.

There was a "cover your ass" element, but really, what's a hundred million to Gordon Brown?


swine flu scam said...

I can't agree with you here WW. All the rules were changed at the WHO to enable drug companies to make a killing. Pandemic levels and procedures were altered to force governments to introduce mass vaccination programs where previously they weren't required. Swine flu vaccines are easily altered to introduce a new virus into the community with no checks being carried out.

This is worth watching. Bear with the subtitles...

swine flu scam said...

Or this one WW...

labour swines said...

The levels at which a 'pandemic' could be declared were downgraded so that pharma companies could make a fortune. The WHO and pharma had a vested interest to make money so went for it. I'm not so sure about the attempt to kill us all and reduce the population but I wouldn't put it past them.
Nu Lab are happy to scare cancer patients ( one of whom was already dead so they have no scruples - today's Sunday Times )

Anonymous said...

£3 for each working adult in the country - without our say so, is that OK? Yeah probably, but what the fuck: Wogan the bumbling pre-Alzheimer's arse has a point...

Do we cower in the face of every natural disaster (real or imagined), pining that "every life is priceless?"

Is that even feasible, or practical?

Where do you draw the line?

200-300,000 deaths in Haiti - how much should we spend to prevent that again? This could be a downward spiral of bankruptcy, or does it only apply to the wealthy west?

worried observer said...

Go back to sleep. WW is on another black downer and will refrain from answering you. It's his blog so he can do WTF he likes.

Antipholus Papps said...

You forgot to mention the part about the WHO awarding itself the power to suspend national governments to contain its self-defined 'pandemic'!

We have allowed ourselves to be governed by terrorists.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

worried observer is not far off the mark.

Dave said...

Well I for one declined the invitation to take the cure for something I didn't have.I don't even like taking pills for a headache.

You can blame for for one or two unused doses but not all of them.

As it turned out I had other health issues to contend with.I ask myself if my symptoms would have been masked by taking an unneccessary drug.

wv= drogicin. Sounds like a drug on NICE's pending list.

Ed Butt said...

The WHO actually changed its definition of "pandemic" so that the not very serious H1N1 variant could be hyped up into a major threat.

Someone I know very well was so disgusted by the farce she quit her job at Karolinska Medical Research Institue, Stockholm and is now working at a lower grade in Manchester. She tells me ser=veral colleagues of hers also quit.

The chief weapons of The New World Order are fear and panic.