Vote. Vote for anybody except Labour or Conservative or Liberal Democrat. Neither the Tories nor Labour nor the Lib Dems represent anything other than the status quo: stagnation, loss of national identity and moral vacuity. No new ideas, no future. I don't care if you vote BNP, or Green, or SNP or Communist or Monster Raving Loony or the Judean Peoples' Front, but it is time to send a message to the main parties that they are not serving the country.

I ask you to do this, especially if you would normally vote Labour, because I ask you. as a socialist, did you really expect The Labour Government to be fighting two illegitimate wars? Did you really expect that when Gordon Brown said "British Jobs for British Workers", he really meant it? Did you expect your Trades Union leaders and council leaders to be on salary packages on a par with City Bankers or just plain corrupt to the point where they have to flee to Australia to avoid questioning? Did you think it was right that wealthy Labour donors should become members of the Privy Council, and then be protected from prosecution when found to be fiddling expenses? Did you think it was right for Gordon Brown to suppress the expenses scandal? Do you want your children to be educated to a level that has decreased significantly in the last 12 years, and continues to do so? Do you want to more of your wages spent on more local government, more CCTV, more spying and interference with your private life? Do you want choices about the way you live to be taken away from you? Do you want a society where those who give nothing to it are the biggest gainers?

Ask yourself these questions, and if you still want to vote Labour, then you deserve all you get.


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