Desultory bit: I had a conversation with a chap today about neighbours from Hell. I have just had the pleasure of seeing off a family whose anti-social behaviour threatened to ruin the peaceful world of the Weasel. Chiefly, but by no means only, their kids were out of control and the parents refused to do anything about it. These kids screeched at every opportunity and had no sense of personal space. They were nice enough, but the parents let them run wild. It go so that, with our windows closed and the stereo on, we could still hear them. The chap I spoke with today has a similar problem, but it sounds worse. The police and the council have been involved, but apparently will do nothing. This is a noise problem, and had this been Afros having reggae parties I dare say something could have been done, but apparently, kids, who scream all the time, high pitched, for no good reason, are beyond public criticism. Both the parents in the case of this chap, and myself, have proved to be highly unpleasant when challenged. Is it me?

Eric Pickles might do a ha'porth o' good as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. He is quoted as Tweeting (what is that?)that he will "wipe out municipal socialism forever". It's about time. Like a former smoker, he is a former Trot and there is nothing worse than a former anything for having a savage agenda. Perhaps he will curb the excesses of the Loony Bristol City Council, who notoriously consulted Stonewall about the proposed clearing of foliage on the Bristol Downs in case it went against the human rights of Gay Cruisers.

Some bastard cat went and jumped on a tray of my seedlings and overturned the lot. Bastard.

I am appalled but not surprised to find that the MSM, and especially the BBC are busy trivialising and decrying the new government. Give the poor buggers a chance! I still get threatening letters from the licence people - apparently I am "under investigation". Well, investigate away, I don't have a TV and never will until you stop funding a left wing propaganda machine by criminal means.

On a lighter note, I experienced a Hot Tub for the first time in my life. This is where you sit in a big bath, outside, with high pressure bubbles and other people, acting as if you are just sitting in a chair. It was surprisingly daft fun. I was told off for having tight Speedos. I am not sure what Speedos are supposed to say about me - all I did was go into a shop and ask for swimming trunks, and now it turns out I am probably gay.


Ted Foan said...

Tight speedos? Yes, that makes you gay!

Now Eric Pickles in tight speedos? That's got to be a criminal offence and is possibly the cause of those nearby children screeching so annoyingly. Their parents are probably trying to make them vote Labour in later life.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Welcome again Ted!Cheeky!

Mrs Rigby said...

Maybe you could persuade the noisy kids to wear tight speedos, it might make them less, errm, vocal.

Ruth@VS said...

Thanks for the diatribe - and no, it isn't you - in our "child centred" world making them behave and be quiet is tantamount to child abuse.

As for the Speedos, where have you been the last 2 decades? I'm surprised at you - is your Gaydar malfunctioning?

P.S. the word verification that came up for this comment was "and worse"!