Why doesn't Nick Robinson just shut the f@&k up?

Here is the BBC's political editor, Nick Robinson, in full froth, absolutely relishing Cameron's egg-shell stepping in Europe, and declaring that David Cameron is "at the centre of a European economic crisis" - As if the tanking Euro is his fault, for fuck's sake!

Here is Robinson's article in full, so that you can add the kind of comments that the BBC won't publish..

Before he came to office David Cameron told his party to stop obsessing about Europe.
Yet within days of moving into Number 10 he finds himself at the centre of a European economic crisis and facing calls for treaty amendments to prevent a repeat of it.
As a result the Prime Minister is now having to manage not one but three different coalitions.
The agreement between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats may have ruled out further transfers of powers to Brussels without a referendum but the Lib Dems will not relish headlines about Britain threatening to use the veto.
The Tory party is itself an uneasy coalition of Euro sceptics, Euro pragmatists and those who want Britain out of the EU altogether.
And, of course, the European Union is itself a coalition fraught with its own tensions.
The Prime Minister came to Berlin today and last night to Paris as part of an early European charm offensive - he'll need all the charm he can muster to try to keep all three coalitions he's handling happy. 

Sorry about the swearing, but fuck. How can Robinson get away with trying to make Cameron the bogeyman in the crisis over the Euro? Cameron has quite rightly, made it clear he is not about to cede even more power to Europe in order to fund shit hole economies like Greece. Of course, Robinson is just slavering over the putative cracks in the coalition. Well he can stuff his blog up his arse, and fuck off while he's doing it, the baldy, speccie smug tosser.


toenails tosser said...

Yes the beeb is hammering away at the coalition as if their life depended on it. Until the BBC is scrapped nothing will change. I love their dramas and documentaries but only listen or watch their news programmes to see what Labour are planning.
'This Week', 'Jeremy Vine', Newsnight, Radio 4, Newsnight Review, Radio Scotland, BBC Scotland etc. All pro Labour coke snorting wankers. To be avoided at all costs. 'Any Questions' on R4 was highlighted by a blog today. Jonathan Dimblebore was shocked shocked when a member of the audience went off topic and failed to ask the question he had been given about Labour. So funny to hear dimblebore choke and sweat when it became apparent that the whole show is a labour love in. Audience were shouting pro democracy slogans etc.
Oh, back on topic. Toenails is a tosser of the first kirsty Wank degree.

Mrs Rigby said...

They're itching for trouble aren't they, and would be delighted to push the coalition into touch. But, would they be truly happy with Labour back in power again?

And didn't I read somewhere or other that Robinson is hoping for a better job soon, within the BBC.

Ruth@VS said...

Like you, I wish he would shut up, but unfortunately there are plenty to replace him. But most of the media seems to be intent on finding cracks and disagreements at the moment - I've long since stopped watching BBC news, but now I find myself ignoring most of the "political" news both written and broadcast because it seems to me that they are making things up!

Hamish said...

>>the baldy, speccie smug tosser.

Measured judgment WW.
But it might haunt you when you lose your hair and eyesight, and Mrs WW throws you out over your obsession with Germaine Greer's knickers.

Jim Baxter said...

'How can Robinson get away with trying to make Cameron the bogeyman in the crisis over the Euro'

How do you manage to read that into it? Cameron has indeed landed in the middle of a crisis over the Euro and is under pressure from the rest of the EU to join in the bid to bail it out. That's all Robinson is saying.

I know that many blog types tend to hate Robinson automatically and always read the worst, from their point of view, into whatever he says no matter what he says. No need to join them.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

It is clearly difficult to do irony. I was angry and reacted like an angry person with nowhere to go. Robinson is ok, and my silly insults were just that. Lighten up, guys, its only a blog.

Jim Baxter said...

It's clearly difficult for YOU to do irony.


down with toenails ! said...

Sorry WW but toenails IS the problem of why we are where we are.
He was gleeful when he suddenly announced after the bigotgate affair ( Rochdale pensioner Mrs Duffy called a bigot for asking gorgon about immigration ) that he knew Gordon was like this all along. In fact he said all the lobby journalists knew the 'real' gorgon.
So someone paid £200k by taxpayers to let us know what was happening at Westminster had lied to us for 13 years and was totally unrepentant. If he had been in the private sector he would have been sacked immediately.
He's nothing but a bottom feeding labour loving shite who is still working for Liebour trying to undermine the coalition and should be kicked out on his arse.