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Thank you for dropping by. Now click "Next Blog".

And if you are one of the dozens of assorted enquirers who come here via a Google search for a particularly stupid brand of beach wear, that is so skimpy as to make a piece of string look substantial, bearing a similar sounding name to this blog, then I not only feel sorry for you, I suggest you get your kicks somewhere else - click on this: Very Hot Stuff Naughty Banned which should provide you with the satisfaction you seek.

UPDATE 1 August 2010: Despite closure, this blog has been getting 40 - 90 hits per day, mostly because of two or three posts that have now been removed, such as the one eluded to above. And there I was thinking people were actually interested in this. Another reason, I am afraid, not to revive it.

You may still read the 900 odd blog posts in the archive, many of which are free-standing articles. There is wisdom in them, and even I had something to do with that. I am leaving it to stand as a record of the thoughts of one nobody who lived then, and wrote about it because he thought it meant something.

UPDATE 2 August 2010: The stats for this have been revealing. The blog is not dead. The less ephemeral posts still get a lot of hits. Not all are random searches, and traffic comes this way from other blogs. I am thinking of reviving it, but if it does, it will be different. Not all diarists write with a readership in mind, but it is nevertheless gratifying that there is some interest, other than the usual raft of pervs. I have been working on a book for the past decade. In a shameless act of self promotion, this book will be linked to in the not too distant future. I confess that the blog wore me out, so in future there will be no comment platform and no links to other blogs and few, if any, current affairs posts. Sorry, but it became a distraction and I don't have the energy to engage in constant dialogue. I really don't. I have prolonged bouts of tiredness and other things which make it difficult for me to sustain this, regardless of the fact that it was drawing thousands of hits a week at its peak. Which was nice. Thank you for reading.

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