Yes, I know it is only Wednesday but I have my sights on the weekend. Boating Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting. Also there are VFRs staying. At the moment I am basking in constant daily drizzle. Hopefully it won't all be a washout.

Blogging will be light as there is much to do and as I write I am looking out for the courier who is supposed to be delivering to life jackets.

If anyone has something to say, or wants a platform on here, please feel free. If I think it is suitable I will bump it into the text. Thank you for your patience.

Ping! Just had an idea! What advice would you give to the English if they were considering a move up to Scotland?

Number One, get a house with a conservatory or you will never see daylight again. Two, never attempt to walk out of a Supermarket or Cornershop without getting your Twofer or your Bogof, or you will be chased down the street by a distraught sales operator with the other item in their hands and whose only wish in life, at that moment, is to make sure you get your money's worth. Number Three, Clean Public Lavatories are the norm here. Many have floral arrangements that make the Chelsea Flower show look half-hearted.


Richard said...

I have several life-jackets, mainly in children's sizes, that I no longer need, having sold my boat last year. If you want a few for spares/unexpected visitors, give me a shout.

Jim said...

Poor weather here aswell WW ( Arbroath). But looking good for the weekend !
Have fun.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you very much Richard. I May well take you up on that.

Jim, smoke me a kipper, I think the weather forecast is optimistic.

Jim said...

WW, I'll get a smokie ready for you in case your heading isn't accurate and you end up in Arbroath !

Hamish said...

WW, I'm beginning to suspect that you are a bit of a layabout.
You say you are going to be very busy looking after VFRs (very fine relatives?).
Women do that all the time, as well as getting on with the day job.
You write wittily and well, although our political views are very disparate.

What slightly bothers me is that I don't pay a penny to the piper who calls the tunes here.
Before we have a more rational approach to paying for content, may I suggest running a few ads?

Jim Baxter said...

VFRs are various friends and relatives are they not?

They have a very fine public cludgie in Kyle of Lochalsh. Well worth 20p.

Jim said...

I hope the sailing went well WW. The weather was kind to you aswell. I've got an old windsurfer in the back of the shed but I'm not sure if I could lift the sail these days : (

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you, Jim. It did. See above.

JB: Visiting Friends and Relatives.

Hamish: What kind of adverts? My "constituency" seems to be 50 plus old men, with a smattering of hippie and the occasional intelligent female.

At them moment I get between 80 - 120 hits a day from unique visitors, and my attention to the blog is sometimes dismal, so I down whether McCann Erickson will be beating a path to my door. Plus the fact that I removed myself from the banner list of one top blog because I did not agree with the blogger's comment policy.

WV is slussepo, which is a cross between a schlep and a slut..kind of sums me up.

subrosa said...

I think you need a summer job WW. There are plenty around here involving healthy eating. You could be having raspberries with your wheatie bangs for 12 months and be paid for the pleasure of choosing your own - plus those of Mr Tesco et al.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Hello Rosa! Me and the world of work parted company several years ago. Not real work anyway.