Guess that Tune #3

This is fun. I enjoy reading the erm.. educated guesses. Keep at it lads. The great thing about music is getting into it, losing yourself in the vibe. Erm man, that's enough of that.

The song is a standard; Orange Blossom Special, but you have to guess who is playing it here, and no, it is not the Shadows. Here is a visual clue:
 This bit is bizzarre. Very bizzarre. The drummer is extraordinarily famous for doing something very extraordinary. You will kick yourself.

So, who is the band, and who is their sometime stand in drummer, who had a habit of standing in for other drummers when they were having their tonsils out?


Smoking Hot said...

Know the drummer but band l don't.

Care to pop over to my blog and try your luck? :)

Jim Baxter said...

The Beachcombers. They shadowed the Shadows.

Dave said...

I notice the drummer didn't hit his cymbal. Having seen the state of the one on the right (his left, I can understand why. That's a big chunk to be missing!

alfstone said...

I think it is the Spotnicks from Sweden but I don't know the drummer.

I am still trying to fathom out the previous puzzle. It sounds so familiar but I can't quote place it.

alfstone said...

That should be quite not quote and isn't the drummer Jimmy Nichol (Nicol?)who stood in with the Beatles when Ringo was having his tonsils removed? My memory hasn't gone all together it is just slowing down.