Guess that Tune

It's time to have some fun. And this is especially for my musically literate readers of a certain age. They know who they are. Over the next few days I shall be posting some mystery tunes.
When I was uploading this one, Mrs Weasel said, "Is that Caravan?". Well, I know what she means, but no, it isn't. These people come out of that Hammond Organ/Mellotron/Jazz influenced fold of the late sixties and early seventies. This band never made the stratosphere, like their showy peers such as ELP and neither did they become insular and po-faced like King Crimson. They managed a couple of albums and disappeared.
More, when someone has guessed it. So for now, enjoy the tune and have a go.


Richard said...

Your description makes them sound like a band I would have liked, and yet I haven't the faintest clue. The instrumentation and the variety of tricksy time-signatures place it in the early 70s, but beyond that I can't guess. I even tried to cheat by looking up the lyrics in Google, but the singer's articulation is so poor that I couldn't understand more than the occasional word. Oh dear. a nice piece, though, and thanks for putting it up here.

Me = FAIL.

Spartan said...

Think thats Cressida.

What's this 'does not reply to comments' ?????