Martin McGuinness never went away

I was quite surprised to see this picture:

It is the "Real IRA". Ostensibly they are a terrorist organisation that garners its support from disaffected Republicans. Recently, they have threatened to target "bankers" on the mainland.

I cannot forget a remark from Gerry Adams about the IRA: "They never went away" Adams, and Martin McGuinness  obviously know who these people are. So why then, are they not co-operating with the Police in order to track these murderers down? Does it befit ministers in the devolved government of NI to withold information? The rhetoric of the terrorists is to accuse McGuinness of being " a British Crown minister who has a vested interest in causing mischief among republicans". That is very convenient. It has the effect of making McGuinness look like a traitor, when in fact he still knows where all the bodies are buried. One word from him and the whole organisation would be rounded up. The Real IRA do the job Republicans need - make sure everyone knows what it was like in the bad old days. Its a rather handy negotiating tool, is it not?

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