When it is right to have children and when it is not.

Earlier today I read a story about some scumbag who is allegedly the father of ten children with ten different women. To be fair, he denies paternity in two cases. He has abandoned all these children and the women concerned are on benefits, and of course, all the children will be the recipients of benefits. There is no way this man will ever support the children he has fathered, and yet this sort of thing goes on with the connivance of our absurd benefits system. Clearly, he has no incentive to cease impregnating what must be some very stupid women.

I suppose here we must pause and ask about the future of these human beings. They have been brought into the world by two morons. What chance do they have in this progressive new world? Wouldn't it be better to castrate someone who clearly has no intention of taking responsibility for his actions?

And then we move onto another story that struck me. This time its Christians again, being arrested and thrown in jail for holding up a poster of an aborted foetus outside an abortion clinic. (The link carries the picture)

First, I was very tempted to show the picture, but it is truly shocking. Second, had this been Muslims protesting in a similar fashion, I doubt that they would have been thrown in jail. Third, everyone has a right in this country to protest peacefully. Apparently this no longer applies to Christians.

I am not certain why they were kept in a cell for 15 hours. It all sounds very nasty.

Abortion as a lifestyle choice is abhorrent. Unless there are clear and precise medical reasons for a termination, it should not be so readily available. People have a right to say so and to say so to those who are considering it, in the most direct way possible.

If a picture of an aborted foetus offends you, it may be worth asking how the foetus feels.

So really we have two sided of the coin. A man and several women who apparently have no concept of parental responsibility, and a police force who lock people up just because they find what they are doing "offensive". And we are left with the issue of abortion and the uneven treatment the issue gets in the public arena.

Every child is precious, but standards in this country have dropped so low that nobody worries about becoming pregnant, because they can either abort or put the kid on benefits.

We are becoming a third world country by the day.


Bob said...

I don't know what the answer is WW. Cleggie ( the multi millionaire) seems to want to tax the middle class more and more in order to pay for more feckless couples. As long as the benefits system stays the same then nothing will change. The long term unemlployed would be insane to take up work on the minimum wage as their standard of living would crash.
Good comment in Old Holborn's blog today along similar lines to yours..


Ed P said...

Highlighting one case of despicable behaviour is insufficient grounds for eugenics! There will always be scumbags like this oaf, but, as the majority do not behave like him, why should we all suffer from even more state intervention?
The foetus picture is interesting, as the extraction process mangles the remains, making it look like butchery. In fact, a 10-week old foetus looks quite beautiful and would be both less offensive and more hard-hitting - I wonder why they chose the bloodied image instead?