Captain Beyond

The Weasel likes a bit of prog. This is more rock though, than prog. What I like about the Album/Band, Captain Beyond, is that it is one of those that you can listen to from start to finish, without skipping the crap tracks, because there aren't any.

I suppose it is not wide of the mark to call Captain Beyond a supergroup. Members had played with Johnny Winter, Iron Butterfly and Deep Purple. Like many bands of the time, members had to go through a few hoops to get themselves out of existing contracts. That was the least of their worries; one member walked out during the recording of the second album and was never seen again, and the band blamed poor management for their eventual demise, having been reduced to working elsewhere to make ends meet and the lack of a proper tour schedule.

There were various reunions, but the Captain finally handed in his super suit when founder-member Larry Rhino Reinhardt was diagnosed with cancer, in 2003, although Rhino has defied expectations and is alive and well.

Fans will already know of the site which gave me most of the info:

CB is hard to describe, but the influence of Johnny Winter is in there somewhere, and also Jimmi Hendrix. See what you think.

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