Eden Burning

I just went up to my dusty CD collection and pulled this one out. I bought the album at a live gig at the Fleece in Bristol, about 15 years ago. On that night, they were full of energy and the place was packed out. Sadly EB disbanded long ago. They say:

Not that we were the best band there’s ever been. But we must have had something. Because – from our first gig in Cheltenham’s CafĂ© Tabac on a wet and windy Burns Night in 1990 to that last gig in 1996 – there were always lots of people to see us. And they really enjoyed what we did.

So why end it? Well, it was better than burning out, I guess. Better than just doing things for the sake of doing them. We’d had seven years of Eden Burning being our lives. And we felt the tug of a Spirit who always wants to make all things new. And it was satisfying to go out on a high. (from their website)

They came and they went, leaving a handful of pretty good songs. But that is for you to decide. If you like it, they have a number of free downloads on offer.


The song is Forget-Me-Not from the album Mirth & Matter by Eden Burning.

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