Gillian Duffy - Order of Lenin

At a certain age, one needs a day-time nap. It is a privilege of being older; you can do this anywhere and garner no social opprobrium. And so I was tickled by a clip, shown on HIGNFY (now in its 20th, lacklustre year) of Tony Benn at the Labour Party conference, who fell asleep whilst being harangued by Gillian Duffy. If there is still such a thing as the Order of Lenin, Gillian Duffy should get it, for services to Socialism. For those Alpha Centaurians and Vulcans who read this blog, Gillian Duffy is a contender for the honour of single-handedly causing the downfall of Gordon Brown.

For me, Gillian Duffy's services to humanity have a much wider symbolism. She symbolises the rift between the real working classes and the absurd caricature of socialism that Labour has become. Gillian Duffy didn't defraud the taxpayer. Gillian Duffy didn't take us to a war on the pre-text of a lie. Gillian Duffy didn't agree that we should incur so much national debt that her grandchildren will be paying for it. And then of course, there is Walter Wolfgang. When he was ejected from an earlier Labour Party Conference, and charged with offenses under the Terrorism act, merely for heckling Jack Straw, once again you see a symbol of the vast chasm between the values of socialism and the values of Stalinism.

The left-wing media narrative is currently one that depicts the Tories as greedy, champagne swilling toffs, who are there to service only the captains of industry and people with offshore bank accounts. On top of that, the nasty Tories are the party of CUTS - so the narrative would have us believe.

What does all this show? It shows that the visible manifestation of what is really going on in this country is so distorted, so perverted and so viscerally propagandistic, that you can hardly know where the truth lies.


Richard said...

Excellent post, WW, and reflects my own thoughts. Hope you don't mind, but I have linked to it here.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you Richard. May you never fall off your bike.

Jim Baxter said...

Disagee about the medal. Hero of Socialist Labour would be more apt for the lady.