I am probably a racist

When hard won freedom is under attack, it would be nice if we were all singing from the same hymn sheet.

There have been very conflicting views about the decision of the Swiss, for example, to ban the expansion of Islamic culture. The same applies to the French, who recently decided that they would deport the thousands of Roma people from makeshift camps in France.

I have to be careful what I say here; it would take a little slip of the qwerty to put me in handcuffs. Such is the hysteria surrounding what is a fairly clear case of national expediency over the so called rights of unwanted minorities.

We are now used to the fact that the political standards of Asian minorities in Britain falls below even the very low bar of propriety that our home-grown politicos have. We now hear that gangs of Romanian Gypsies have been traficking children into this country in order to turn them into thieves and sex toys. One twelve year old girl was found to be pregnant in the most recent round of raids on London addresses.

People who argue against the deportation of unwanted guests argue that it targets a particular race. Well, tell me, how many people have died in the last few years at the hands of white, Christian suicide bombers? How many gangs of white people have been arrested for perpetrating abuses of children, whether it is for crime or for specious cultural reasons? How many "honour" killings have been initiated by whites? How many white politicians have been convicted of forging postal votes? The list of serious assaults, not only on individuals, but on our culture and our values, by those who do not belong to this country in any meaningful sense, is endless.

And yet, as I said, I risk arrest for even broaching the subject. The debate is almost impossible to be had; shut down by linguistic hegemony, press control, government spin and mass indoctrination, not to mention the pathetic appeasement of these minorities by the very people who should be protecting our society - the Police.

It is entirely conceivable that if the suspects in this latest case are convicted, they will, via some technicality, be allowed to stay and poison our society until the day they die.

I risk being called a racist of course. Well, yes I am. I believe in the supremacy and hegemony of those who inhabit this Isle by right of birth and antecedents. I have no problem with those who come here, as long as they understand that this is our country and we run it our way, by reason of hundreds of years of struggle and democracy. We fought hard for our freedom and way of life, and we are fair people who de facto welcome people of other cultures, but now, they are taking the piss.

Those who come to this country expecting to live as they do in theirs, must understand that we have a very profound investment in our way of life, and, imperfect as it is, we consider child abuse by ethnic minorities, or the persecution of any minority, to be abhorrent, unacceptable and worthy of their deportaion to whatever shithole they came from.


Jim Baxter said...

Criminals are criminals.

Who do you suppose pays for the 'services' provided by these criminals? The same kind of people who travel the world as criminal sex-tourists but with less travel money. Any 'white Christians' among them do you suppose?

and - white Christians eh? What about black Christians? Maybe they are less Christian.

The Christian countries conduct war in a civilised manner of course.

War is war - just war or otherwise there's nothing civilised about it.

And their shitholes. Yes. Who made eastern Europe such a 'shithole' for so long. Stalin? Or the people who handed it to Stalin? Guess who they were.

I don't know about racist but this post is certainly crass. A man such as WW who, fairly, prides himself on being distrustful of recieved wisdom might extend his critical faculties to distrusting received stupidity.

Bob said...

There must be some kind of plan going on in the background.
Being afraid of saying what you like or think in case you get prosecuted has crept up on us slowly but is now firmly established. It's a nuisance having to constanty think before you say anything all the time.
People like Jim above re inforces this attitude. It's a wonder bloggers keep going but I'm glad they keep going. The Romas should be expelled on the next plane and the Western sex tourists should be arrested on arrival back in the UK and thrown into prison for life. But it will never happen. A whole army of 'professionals' are waiting to support them and fund their court cases to the nth degree because it is their 'right'.
If we criticise foreigners then people like Jim B is in there quickly pointing out the obvious - we're bad aswell.

I found this video which might explain how we got where we are today...


It's the history of political correctness.

Or if you want to just ignore PC and watch a good comedy then Billy Connolly will oblige..


'every time a jihadi blows himself up there's one wanker less' was one of his jokes - sorry Jim B

Jim Baxter said...

That's all right Bob.

The phrase 'People like' is the hallmark of those who have it all sorted already and who require no further discussion.

As for 'Jim B is in there'.

Am in there, if you please.

Dave said...

I'm probably a racist too, because I agree with every word