Mental Bond

I am sorry but I have to say that the current incarnation of James Bond leaves me confused at best and cold at worst. Right from the moment that Daniel Craig was launched on the world: he appeared, roaring up the Thames in a RIB, surrounded by soldiers, and he was wearing a life jacket.

Bond? Wearing a lifejacket? I knew then that Elf & Safety had even gotten the better of the licenced killer. Did his Double O monica now refer to an interest in Hornby model trains? Who knows, but Daniel Craig is not Bond, he is Geordie, the mental one from the fabulous TV series, Our Friends in the North.

Daniel Craig had the part of Geordie made for him; a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a meta character. His descent from chump to the criminal underworld and thence to the gutter was heart-rending. For me, Daniel Craig cannot be anyone other than Geordie.

FYI, My favourite Bond was and is Roger Moore. Sure he played it for laughs, but he got the best birds and the best cars.

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Bob said...

I must admit I think he's the best Bond so far. Casino Royale was brilliant. But it's all a matter of taste I suppose.
That scene on the river was just a pose for the cameras with all the righteous watching.
In real life he kills two guys on a hotel stairwell with his bare hands and then beds his female aide before winning millions in a card game after being given a deadly heart stopping drug slipped into his martini.