The reality of the travesty in Afghanistan

I was very moved by this piece of film. It's rubbish as a movie. You cannot really see what is going on, but it was filmed during the final moments of the life of one soldier. The reality is here. The sheer shitty glib pointlessness of it all. A man dies, a mother grieves. Tell me, for what? I am ashamed. I am ashamed how this nation treats our soldiers, and I am ashamed that they have been sent into battle, ill-equipped, held in disdain by British people and undermined by the pointless strategic mess of a country we have no reason to be in.

UPDATE: The video has been removed because it auto runs everytime the blog is loaded. A commenter has complained about it, and frankly, I agree.


Jim said...

I saw this on Ch4.
The soldiers are like lambs to the slaughter.
The only crumb of comfort is that the soldiers know that they will be ill equipped, poorly supported and will have a good chance of being killed or injured mentally or physically. So it must just be the buzz of fighting that they crave.
At least any serviceman who has joined up since 1990 which must cover most of them now.

Good blog here about an ex soldier suffering PTSD and how he's failing to adapt to civvy street..

Rebel Saint said...

Is there no way you can stop this auto-running so that every time I visit it starts blaring out?

Rebel Saint said...

Thank you :o)