Weasel spies a Spitfire

Just paying a visit to the Petwood Hotel (see below) and found several airmen manouvering a Spitfire into place in the hotel grounds. I asked the Warrant Officer in charge if it was ok to take pictures and if there were any security issues, to which one airman replied "not unless you are German". The plane, which is in fact a life-size replica, was being wheeled into place as part of the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight annual dinner, as part of the 70th anniversary of the commencement of the battle. I was cautioned not to mention that until after the event, and the location, which of course I complied. I mentioned that Lincolnshire is peppered with old airfields, but on this visit, even I was surprised at the number and how even now, the RAF regularly take to the skies over the county.
Next came a walk down memory lane. Deep in the heart of the wolds lies this delightful chocolate box thatched cottage that I first saw over 40 years ago. I happen to have a lovely watercolour of it, dated 1910, and it really has not changed in one hundred years. The owner has lovingly kept it in good shape for some decades. Here, the Weasel, more or less replicates the POV of the picture. In the original, a man is carrying a gun and is accompanied by his dog.
Another nostalgic trip to Woody's Top, a simple and remote YHA hostel. In my day you had to collect a water bowser from the bottom of the hill and haul it up, and then cut your wood for the pot-boiler. There was a tin porta-potti in a shed. Today's hostelers are spoilt with running water and central heating. Pah!

We stayed at a delightful B&B which I can recommend if you are a visitor to Lincoln and the Wolds. Chaplin House is a lot more to my taste than the Petwood Hotel, which has the air of an institution for people with lots of money and no discernment or imagination. I prefer self-catering, because that way, you don't have to be nice to strangers at breakfast, but if you want Bed and Breakfast, Chaplin House cannot be faulted.

I went to see a member of the Mustela family, who happens to run a pub in Fosdyke, called the Ship Inn. Of course, since a Weasel is in charge, it is well run, friendly, and the food is excellent.

The rest of our little sojourn is personal and private and was the best bit! I am already looking to return in the spring and miss my home county, and those close to me, very much.

Ranting will re-commence tomorrow.

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winston said...

Great pics WW. I knew a lot of guys on BBMF groundcrew. They used to wear black overalls and smart black jackets etc when on duty. They used to pull all the birds.
My mate Guy was on BBMF and we served in the Falklands together.
He was sadly killed in a car crash but I've kept all of our photos from Port Stanley and Mount Pleasant in The Falklands.