WW's Christmas Special

In my post office today and they were busy stacking the Christmas cards. That is because there are only sixty days to Christmas - only eight weeks!

What is it about this festival that gets people so excited, so early? It cannot be Google, because despite commemorating everything up to and including Laika, the first dog in space, it refuses to acknowledge the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Regardless of our views about what Christmas actually is, it is difficult to understand why we are locked into this ever-extending period beforehand.

Anyhow, since Alex Salmond's official Christmas card last year was so popular, as was my photo montage to show its true antecendents (at least one MSM copied it and failed to give me credit)

Here it is once more, along with the inspiration behind it. Happy Christmas. Aren't you just feeling Christmassy already? Or do you just want to join a uniformed youth movement for white aryans?


Richard said...

I think it (the Scottish flag card) is a very attractive image. Does that make me a bad person? The blue of the flag is gorgeous, the girl is pretty and cool-looking, and the tonal range of the image is restrained and pleasant. If the objection is the fact that the character is a young white female, would it be better if you replaced her with a Windows 7-style group of some-slightly-brown, some-slightly-oriental-but-all-very-attractive-slim-confident-and-smiling group shot?

On reflection, it does have a Strength Through Joy feel to it but in the context I would associate that more with simple national pride than Lebensraum and the annexation of the Sudetenland.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Richard, it is completely a matter of taste. It really is. To me, the picture looks like something out of the Village of the Damned.

Don't read anthing into my response,and breaking of my own rules, apart from the fact that you are a regular, insightful commenter and part of the elite! I still won't generally respond to comments! Anyway our tastes generally converge to the point of spookiness. (see below)

Richard said...

Fair point.

Thank you for coming out from behind the curtain for me. I appreciate it.

Dave said...

I worked in retail for 20 years.
I hate Christmas.

I hated having to rearrange the shelves in July so that I could put out the first of the Christmas stock before I took my summer holiday.

Even more so, I hated the horrible Christmas music. The tape was one hour long, and we were required to have it playing when the store was open- from October half term until Christmas eve.

Even now, almost twenty years on, I cannot bring myself to enter a shopping mall or high street shop between November and January. My previous experience was too traumatic.

I hate Christmas.

Richard said...

I didn't work in retail for 20 years, and I hate Christmas too. The cheesy repetitive music, the faux-cheerfulness, the 'ah-yes-but-it's-for-the-kiddies' shit. If you're a Christian, then celebrate it by all means. I will probably join you for Midnight Mass. But if you're only in it to make money then you can stick that plastic tree right up your arse complete with fairies and whistle Fucking Jingle Bells. And while I can tolerate Slade and Wizzard, just, every time I hear that Geldof/Midge Urine shite I want to vomit. I would book a cottage far from anywhere for the entire season and just fuck off out of it, but the family would regard it as worse than paedophilia. "But it's Christmas, how could you ..."

Thank you for listening. I feel better now.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Dave and Richard
I am with you on this.