A chink in my armour..

The Daily Mail is currently carrying a report on their front page on the fate of hundreds of thousands of chicks that go on to provide the cheap chicken you see in your favourite supermarket.

I am not a vegetarian, but I refuse to eat meat from animals that have not been allowed to live as they naturally would wish to do. Read the article and weep.

If you keep chickens, you will know that they have intelligence, can recognise individual humans, can learn things, and have quite different tastes in food. What they like to do most, is spend all day pottering about and scratching the ground and occasionally, lay an egg. Some will even come up for a cuddle.

Gladys, my Buff Orpington, and Merrilees Petherwell, my Pekin Bantam.

Sorry, but it breaks me up to think that humans can be so cruel to another species, especially since it is entirely unecessary. If we all just paid a bit more for our eggs and refused to eat factory chicken or eggs, these companies would cease to exist.


Jim Baxter said...

So now you know where your cuppa chicken comes from.

That title though reminds me of the old joke: why won't the Americans sell tanks to the People's Liberation Army? It's because they dont want any...

Ah, forget it.

Hamish said...

Also not a vegetarian, but what goes on in factory farms is horrible. As a boy, I remember that roast chicken was a rare treat.
Now factory chickens are dirt cheap. I read recently that producers may be paid as little as 10 pence a bird. Yup, 10 pence to breed, house, feed each bird for its entire miserable life.
There are some signs of progress, although your favoured M&S seems to be lagging somewhat, compared to Sainsbury and Waitrose.
Yes we need to pay a bit more for our eggs, and a lot more for our chicken.