Europe: The Big Lie exposed

The average Irish household will pay up to £3,000 in extra taxes under a deal brokered by the European Union as a condition of the EUs bailout of the Irish Republic.

According to the Telegraph:

Middle class Irish families face the loss of tax credits and low paid workers, totalling 50 per cent of the labour force, will start to pay taxes for the first time.
The current entrance level for income tax is £15,506 for a single person and £27,071 for a married couple with children, thresholds that will rise over the next four years.

This was the Irish Finance Minister, Brian Lenihan said last week:

there was no question of loading an unspecified burden on the taxpayer.

(It is the) job of the Government to protect the taxpayer and that is what it is doing. 

Last night, Brian Lenihan told the Dail

The plan is the Government’s view . . . and the Government’s own view about how the economic and social position can be developed regarding growth, expenditure, taxation, fiscal controls in the next four years..
So it is an assessment by the Government. There was no consultation with either the EU Commission or the IMF about the content of that document.

How often does this man lie? Only when he opens his mouth.

Don't be tempted to think that Lenihan is any different from any other perpetraitor of the great Euro swindle. Having lost the argument, Europhiles have merely resorted to deceit and subterfuge and Hitlerian rhetoric.

Ireland is now no longer an independent State. Michael Collins must be spinning in his grave.

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