The Fallacy of Scottish Independence

Guido Fawkes has nailed it this morning:

Thousands died in the transition from being England’s first colony, to an Irish Free State and finally an independent Republic. The ironies arising from the situation in Ireland are many. Joining the Euro, hugging the state tight to the whole European project and Dublin’s politicians slavishly obeying their new masters in Frankfurt has ended in disaster. Why fight the English for 400 years for sovereignty only to surrender it to Germany?

Insert "Scotland" where appropriate. If Scotland gets independence from the United Kingdom, it will become a member of the European Union and a member of the Euro, according to current SNP policy. So, instead of moaning about the Wesminster Government, it can moan about Brussels instead.

Is it really what Scottish people want? The common (and legitimate) moan from Scots is that decisions affecting Scots and only Scots are made in London. Somehow, I do not see the logic of extending the distance to Brussels, unless those Scots who will work for the EU are deseperate to collect air miles.

If there is a referendum on independence, it will not include an option on joining the EU - either you go for swapping English hegemony for German or you stick in the UK.

If a Nat can explain this anomaly, or I am missing something, please feel free to do so.

PS. God knows what it would do to the fishing industry. 

UPDATE: Re Ireland: 

Minister Lenihan said there was no question of loading an unspecified burden on the taxpayer.

Yeah, and in other news, Garry Glitter is named Chief Scout.


RantinRab said...

Indeed. That's why I have said many times that I support Scottish independence, but not the SNP version of it.

Many people join the SNP or support it because it is the only large party that campaigns for independence.

If the Scottish tories got their act together and supported independence the political landscape here would be very different.

The SNP is more socialist and nannying than Labour. I dislike them intensely for this and the fact that they prey on the politically niave by their stupid 'braveheart' politics, ie it's 'our oil' and blaming the English for everything.

Wrinkled Weasel said...
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Wrinkled Weasel said...

Rab, great to hear from you. I hope all is well with you.

Of course, I agree.

The SNP needs to look at small countries that manage ok without the EU. Norway comes to mind.

I too support Scottish independence. The clue is in the second word.

3:06 PM

David Farrer said...


I explained it all here.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thanks David and welcome to the blog. I shall read and digest.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

David. Read it. Digested it. I still makes no sense.

Whereas, I agree that Scotland is another country with its own identity, and, I would go further and say that it is asserting itself in a very interesting way, joining the EU is merely an "Anything but England" option, which in my opinion is farcical.

david Farrer said...


My goal is not to see Scotland as the Switzerland of the North, but to hear the Swiss saying that they'd like to be the Scotland of the South...

Bob said...

I think a lot of SNP supporters are disillusioned and are switching to UKIP or are no longer voting. At least with UKIP the UK would be independent. 'Independence in Europe' is , like you said, ridiculous. How independent does Ireland feel ? 400 yrs of struggle given up in 10 years of spend spend spend.

Although the SNP has done many good things and is still better than the LibLabCon party the problem is that their key policies are fatally flawed.

EU - corrupt and takes away independence

Global warming scam - proven scam yet it's fully believed by the SNP who are building windmills all over Scotland despite the example of Denmark where they've now stopped after 6,000 of the things. They've now got expensive electricity ( 2 x UK), increased CO2 output and no shut down in any of their conventional power stations. Whenever the SNP are told this they cover their ears and run away..

Immigration - despite thousands of skilled workers looking for work the SNP continue to promote immigration into the UK to 'fill the skills gap'. The only good reason that employers want workers from abroad is that they're agency workers who can be hired and fired as the work ebbs and flows. And without the nuisance of pensions and redundancy payments to have to worry about.

But I think parties like the SNP are all a small part of the big game. Played like chessmen on a bigger board by bigger players. I give you. The Banker...!

Twig said...

Ireland's new found dependence proves that the fabian solution really works. No need Brussels to to get involved in messy conflicts with belligerant militants.