IDS and Marxist Dialectic

Dizzy has an interesting post about the recent putative verbal gaff of Iain Duncan Smith when he said that work would set people free, sending the lefties into paroxysms about comparisons with "Arbeit Macht Frei".

He writes:

You see, if you take the time to read Marx (yes I have, it's true) the whole basis of materialist history is that man produces through labour. Crucially, the means of production changes over time through small revolutions, from tribal production, to feudal, to guilds, to bourgeois, and then eventually to the wondrous free utopia where the proletariat own the means of production and are lifted from the false consciousness of capitalism and finally achieve true freedom.

In other words, work sets you free. Nah, it is a necessity if you are ever to be free for Marx.

Funny how four words that perfectly illustrates the ultimate left wing endgame are no longer associated with them because of history huh?

And here is my comment:

That panegyric to unfettered free market capitalism, Orson Welles "Cookoo Clock" speech in The Third Man, was lifted, in part, from Simone Weil, an Anarcho Syndicalist.

Like the cutting of the Gordian Knot, the rationale for a particular action is largely irrelevant, it is the result that counts. As Dizzy points out, The IDS strategy has at its heart, core Marxism. That people should work to support themselves, rather than relying on handouts, should be beyond politics. Another Marxist declared, "People are fulfilled only to the extent that they create their world (which is a human world), and create it with their transforming labor." ""Welfare programs as instruments of manipulation ultimately serve the end of conquest. They act as an anesthetic, distracting the oppressed from the true causes of their problems and from the concrete solutions of these problems. "(Paulo Freire)

It begs the question, why isn't it? (That people should work to support themselves, rather than relying on handouts, should be beyond politics) For that, you should look again at the reason for this post, which implies a wider problem, that of linguistic hegemony and its perverse offspring, political correctness. As long as the fanatical left have control of the dialogue, they will misdirect and delude the masses, leading them to believe in free everything for everybody.

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Katabasis said...

Great post WW. This is a point I often find myself making - it is important to defend the language and not allow the purposeful co-opting of particular words.