Sarah Wilmshurst's guest post

Hello fans of the Weasel. Sarah Wilmshurst here. :-) I am a big fan of the Weasel myself, having been his number one stalker for a year or two. But I am behaving myself now and am concentrating on Tomasz Schafernaker. I know that some of you need some good weather advice, and that is why I am here. The weather is going to be a bit crap. It will be cold, with temperatures going below freezing. I shall be wearing my winter underwear - go to my website if you want to know more ;-) Later today it will also be crap. That's not the weather - it's that bastard Wayne, who says he doesn't love me anymore. XXX Sarah


Jim Baxter said...

You seem like a nice girl.

I hope though that you never speak of temperatures 'struggling' to rise above freezing. I refuse to believe that temperatures don't like being cold, such that they 'struggle' to escape into the warm. I hope you are not like the blithering, cliche-ridden, brain dead, sub-moronic sub-cretins at the BBC who today are saying this:

'Temperatures reached a low of -13C in Inverness overnight, with forecasters predicting that daytime temperatures would struggle to get past zero due to the bitter wind chill.'

Richard said...

Hmmm. I would.

Richard said...

@ Jim - don't forget my two favourites (or should I say anti-favourites?):

'Spits and spots' of rain, a phrase I have never heard outside a weather forecast, and

'Organised', as in 'scattered showers leading to more organised rain later'. I can see the raindrops sitting there in their union offices, making placards and getting organised against the capitalist patriarchy.

Weather forecasting seems to attract the primary-teacher frame of mind: if I tell you things in nursery language maybe you won't mind so much. Image of the week: Sarah (above), or possibly that nice Laura Tobin, saying "Fuck me, folks, tonight it's going to piss it down, no mistake."

Jim Baxter said...


Yes. Those belong in the collection. As do various fronts which 'push' or even 'drive' their way across the country.

There's nothing wrong with a pushy front when you're in the mood for one. It's their driving I worry about. They have no roadcraft, these fronts - they never anticipate, never allow for unseen hazards. I've been in the Channel Light Vessel (which is an automatic and which, btw, couldn't channel light down an optic fibre to save itself) with one, supposedly taking me to one of my favourite isobars, and we've run straight into an occluded front instead. All because the front kept looking in the mirror, fretting about its squall lines.

Richard said...

I can remember learning in school about the different symbols for warm and cold fronts. Easy to learn - for a cold front, the tits were pointy.