Laid out with a cold and feel utterly crap.  Richard and Dave can have my cds. Jim gets the books, Ruth can have the chickens and my yamaha brush cutter. RS and Strapworld can have my water colours and Hamish my secret diaries. That just about covers my commentariat. Locks of hair and Scandinavian pottery for the others.


Ruth@VS said...

Thanks,WW, don't mind the chickens but what's a brush cutter?
Feel better soon.

Richard said...

Happy with the CDs, although I suspect there will be a large number of duplicates. Whisky toddy, off to bed, don't resurface until you're fit. Hope you feel better soon.

@Ruth - it's a thing for cutting brushes. You mean you don't have one?

strapworld said...

Dear WW. Whilst I do wish you a speedy recovery. I must be rather selfish and say I am rather looking forward to the watercolours!

If it anything like the virus I have had for the last two weeks I wish you well. I just cannot rid myself, now, of a chesty cough.

I have instructed my solicitors to enure you receive all my medals and memorabilia, together with my old uniform which you can wear on ceremonial occasions.

Jim Baxter said...

I've been thinking of putting my affairs in order too. I'm still clinically alive but that's all. The body will go to science - that'll fox em. Wipe fckn Roswell off the map the results of doing that will.

Dave said...

The scientists could do some useful work and come up with a cure for manflu. Please be quick, WW is slipping away.

Jim Baxter said...

I am working at great speed. My concern is that Teheran and Pyongyang seem much interested. I must ensure that you are all protected from their intentions because I doubt that they wish you well.