Weather with you?

Well, Winter has hit quickly and with the now usual disruption. Suburban Trains around Edinburgh were delayed by delayed cross-country trains, Edinburgh to Glasgow was disrupted due to signal failures and points failures. Many trains were cancelled at the week-end, and, returning from Glasgow, we stood in an overcrowded train for half an hour, on top of the hour's journey, on an already late service, due to there being about a finger nail's worth of snow.
Thatwas Saturday. Today was a bit worse, but if there is more to come we are most likely to be found next spring stiff as boards, in deathly repose.
The Telegraph exaggerated the news. Edinburgh Airport did not close, or at least not for very long, but long enough to cause a lot of cancellations. Strangely, this disproportionately affected EasyJet and Ryanair. (I am firmly of the opnion that the cheapies give up a lot quicker and for a lot less reason)
Meanwhile, our little lane has become the scene of drama, with a repeat of last year's slipping and sliding and cars not being able to make the tiny gradient. Despite the strong possibility of black ice, drivers elsewhere appeared oblivious and, cocooned in their warm cars, drove at full speed in poor conditions.

As for the VFRs, it all went rather well, and continues to do so.
I don't suppose Monday is going to be good for commuters.

The blog is getting extraordinarily high levels of traffic, worldwide. A check reveals that a post about a certain couple, whose marriage may or may not last seven years, is the culprit. Serves me right for even mentioning it.

UPDATE: The piece is from "Baltic Voices II" Track 11. It is the Kondakion (a liturgical anthem) from "On Leaving" by Galina Grigorjeva.

In a similar vein, nip over to Jim's place for this:

As Richard diplomatically pointed out, the original pic was a bit pants. So I have replaced the pics in the post with ones done by young Miss Weasel, today, at Weasel Hall.

 Chickens being coaxed out of their house. (They don't do snow)


Richard said...

Lovely photograph, although would it be cheeky to suggest Sir opened it up one or even one-and-a-half stops to get the snow nice and bright? The music is lovely, too, although I can't place it. Clue?

Snow forced the cancellation of my training course on Friday, although not until I had battled through the numpties and got there on time, sideways. There hasn't been any more snow here, but it's fearsomely cold: -5C here in Pembrokeshire in the early evening in November is unheard-of. The winter bike wouldn't start this afternoon, and I don't fancy risking the nice one on black ice, so I think I will be borrowing Anna's car again tomorrow.

At least we now have a full tank of heating oil, but the cost is crippling - £600 less a few pennies if we pay within the week.

At least I have plenty of wood in the woodstore.

Jim Baxter said...

Sorry to hear about the train journey. I have had similar experiences using that 'service'.

The pain was alleviated once though by a guard with a mission to explain, perhaps a missed vocation. As we arrived his voice came on the blower and said, 'Scotrail apologise to passengers who had to stand throughout the journey. This wuz joo to excess passengers on the train. Thank yoo'.

It was an epiphany. I felt then that I understood something simple yet profound.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Richard, sorry, hands up, it is a stock photo, but snow is snow and there is not a lot of difference with what is outside my door.

Best not to use the bike I would have thought.

I thought I was going to have an epiphany, Jim, but the lavatory was out of order.

The piece is from "Baltic Voices II" Track 11. It is the Kondakion (a liturgical anthem) from "On Leaving" by Galina Grigorjeva

The entire album is sublime and I give it five stars.

Richard said...

Nothing wrong with using a stock photo. I used one in my post on Friday - mainly because if I had been taking photographs on the A40 in that weather I wouldn't be here to talk about it. Miss W's are much nicer, though.

Thanks for the music info. I don't know it (I suspect I will) but it reminds me of all sorts - John Taverner, even Bruckner, slightly. That's going on my Amazon wish-list.

Both of you are reminding me of why I only travel by rail as an absolute last resort. Excess of passengers, indeed. Blame the punter. That's good.

Ruth@VS said...

Just for a change, we haven't had the snow (well about 1 mm this morning) as unusually the weather is coming from the east. So I'm kind of enjoying everyone else getting it instead. It's cold though and I'm getting through lots of coal in the living room fire. Real winter weather, lovely.

Hamish said...

Aw, I hoped the first photo was of you and Mrs Weasel.
Talking of trains from Glasgow (flimsy link), I remember going with my daughter to Waverley station to catch the train south. The train had started in Glasgow and the driver was finishing his shift. My daughter had booked her bicycle in advance. When I enquired where her bicycle should go, he responded "Fucked if I ken, pal".
Friendly people the Glaswegians.