You Were on My Mind

No, I haven't had a few ales, but I wanted to mention how much I appreciate comments. There are a few regulars who do so. To them, I want to say that I think would enjoy spending time with every one of you. Commenters on here are a very unusual bunch. They are intelligent and confident and individual. From what I can discern, almost all have lived rich, different and interesting lives, some of them, spookily like mine. If this is a niche blog, the niche is the people who contribute. I don't really see them as commenters, but contributors. I like to take a back seat, once the ball is rolling, but that does not mean I am not engaged, since every comment is read by me.

As for anybody who is a regular reader and wants to comment but hitherto has not (and I know who you are) please feel free to do so. I habitually return the compliment for new visitors if they have their own blog, and take an interest in all who put their heads above the parapet.

So now you know, well over a thousand pageloads every week, and frankly, I am not the most accessible blogger out there, or the most agreeable. I have stopped chasing "traffic" because it is ultimately pointless, and requires me to spend more time than I have. I prefer to work on the posts (well, most of them) and leave them as a permanent record, for whatever world we have in the future.

But, to those who comment, thank you again.


Richard said...

I enjoy your blog and, like you, I imagine that if we ever met we would get on famously.

By a 'niche' blog, I'm guessing that you mean you don't have a single theme or cause. Good for you, that's why I keep turning up. Plenty of blogs (you'll know who I mean) bang on about the same stuff time after time, and while I generally agree with what they are saying, I sometimes find them hard to plough through. Your blog keeps surprising me, which is why I keep coming back.

Norton Folgate said...


Not as active as i once was but i'm still here lurking in the darkness here and there.

Bob said...

I enjoy your blog WW because it's probably the type of blog I would do myself. I'll have to at least get a blogger name sometime !

I saw your comment at Iain Dale's blog. I respect what you said ( ref the Woolas affair) but it's ok to totally disagree with what someone says at times. In fact 99% of the comments on Iains 'Woolas affair' blog were against him. Most will go back as they've had their say and will come back to fight another day.
The problem with only visiting blogs that totally agree with your own views on every single subject is that you become too polarised and insular. If every blog reinforces your views you stop seeing the bigger picture.
I visit barking mad right wing blogs and similar left wing blogs and everything in between. It allows me to find out what everyone is thinking and how society is panning out.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Bob. Fair point about becoming insular by not visiting blogs you disagree with, but this is different, and I shall give my reasons in the next post.

Jim Baxter said...

Joan Baez?

I tell you, it's these headphones.