Brian's Caribbean Christmas Trifle Recipe

McVities Ginger Cake
Ginger Biscuits
Dark Rum
Tin of Mangos
Two Bananas
One each Orange and Lime 1 pint jellies
1 pint Custard
300g Mascarpone Cheese
300ml Whipping Cream
Caster Sugar two heaped tablespoonfuls
3-4 tablespoons Desiccated Coconut
3 pieces of Stem Ginger cut into matchsticks

Note: read all the instructions and assemble the ingredients before starting. If you’re planning on having this on Christmas Day, make the jellies on 23 December.

Make the jellies and allow them to set as per instructions. I use old plastic ice cream containers for convenience. Chop the set jellies into half inch cubes.

Cut the ginger cake into half inch cubes and layer the bottom of a trifle bowl. Use ginger biscuits broken into quarters to fill up any gaps. Sprinkle four capfuls of dark rum over the cake and biscuit mix.

Drain the mangos, saving the juice or syrup for drizzling over the ginger cake and biscuits.  Chop the bananas. Spread out mangos and bananas onto the ginger cake and biscuits. Layer the chopped jellies over the fruit. Cover bowl with clingfilm and put somewhere cold.

Make the custard as per instructions or use ready made. Save proper egg custard for bread and butter pudding.

Try this option: I put the desiccated coconut into the pint of milk for the custard and gently bring up to a boil before straining out the coconut, briefly rinsing under a cold tap and allowing it to dry. It adds a moreish coconut taste to the custard, as you would expect.

When the custard has cooled to room temperature pour it over the jelly layer. Allow to set

Gently toast the desiccated coconut until lightly brown and set aside. Chop the stem ginger into matchsticks.

With a whisk or electric beater, whip the mascarpone and whipping cream together. Add a capful or two of dark rum and two heaped tablespoonfuls of caster sugar.

Spread the cream out over the set custard and decorate with a fork. Sprinkle over the toasted coconut and chopped ginger. Bung in the fridge or somewhere cold for an hour before serving.


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Brian said...

See the finished trifle here. Merry Christmas