Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Proud to Serve

In case you do have to ask, I am talking about the recent legislation, signed off by the American President, abolishing the rather anachronistic policy on homosexuals serving in the military. Barak Obama's speech is reported HERE.

I am not sure dissent can be heard. Real, rational dissent, that is. Sure, the BBC can always dredge up some rednecks who want to hang faggots but that is not dissent, that is hatred and homophobia. (It does however suit the BBC liberal agenda perfectly) But I have some reasons for being cautious here. The problem with a liberal nihilist worldview is that liberality does not ultimately favour scapegoats, it merely replaces one scapegoat with another. It also moves the boundaries of what is acceptable and decent to the point where obscenity and decadence and extremism are "celebrated" and dissent is censured, by the police on occasion. All that does is create a new breed of pariah.  Its internal logic was bound though to come adrift. We allow Muslims to say the most hateful and outrageous things, in particular, that gays should be stoned to death, and yet we allow them to remain free and in this country. The Pyramid of Liberal Hegemony is riddled with such contradictions and one group fights another for a place at the top of the pile. Lurking underneath the bruised rhetoric of the minority, there is always a vein of vanity and self-promotion.

Multiculturalism, as an example of liberal doctrine, failed. It did not create community cohesion, it fragmented it. It behoves those who now benefit from this new American legislation to understand that their role now is not to be divisive, but to coalesce as one strong fighting force now that in theory they are freed from discrimination and acrimony.

Let me move on to a related issue in the news. I say related because it relates to my view of privacy about sexuality. What anybody does in private should remain private. Full Stop. There has been the very sad case of someone who was by all accounts a brilliant and committed patriot, a senior member of the Secret Services. The unusual circumstances of his death led the red tops to speculate on the reasons for the death. I write of course about the man in the holdall. According to the Guardian (usually a stronghold of the liberal left)

Senior detectives believe the mystery death of the spy Gareth Williams will be solved by getting an insight into his private life after they revealed he had visited bondage websites and a drag club and had £15,000-worth of unworn designer womenswear in his wardrobe.
Williams's decomposed body was discovered in a padlocked holdall in his flat, less than a mile from MI6 headquarters in London where he was a senior analyst.

You see, to me this is all wrong. This man's private life should be of no interest to anyone and should not be spread over the media. Somewhere there are grieving friends and family who may or may not have known about his private life, but have been subjected to the most prurient and revolting smears about someone they loved. He served his country. May he rest in peace.


Conan the Librarian™ said...

Yes. What anyone does in the Private, should remain in the Private...

Wrinkled Weasel said...

You are naughty Conan..

subrosa said...

Well said WW. As for you Conan... :)

same old said...

It's strange that the police are tarnishing the guys reputation. That usually leads to revelations that he was up to no good. The only certainty is that everything being written about him is false.