Feeling Scandinavian

The View from my door yesterday
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It is time to play a piece from the Scandinavian classics, this time, not Sibelius or Grieg.
I am quite shocked at how quickly the main routes in and around Edinburgh shut down yesterday. By lunchtime, Edinburgh buses had been cancelled. The obvious effect of this was to leave thousands of people stranded. Between Edinburgh and Glasgow, the M8 simply ground to a halt, with horror stories of people being trapped in freezing cars for hours on end. Need a poo? What do you do? Run out of fags? Kid that is pissed off and hungry? I am sure all human life was there. It is unacceptable that a major motorway gets totally shut down. Heads must roll. It is not as if they were taken by surprise.

More pics:
down the lane today
North Berwick Law and the East Coast mainline train

Weasel Wood
Ruth has some nice pictures over at The Diary of a Mad Gardener


Smoking Hot said...

Maybe it was caused by the new electric cars on the M8 when they run out of charge!

l still wonder what these cars use for heating???

Jim Baxter said...

I got just about the last bus out of the Glasgow kessel yesterday (at about 2.15) before they pulled them all. Bus after bus rolling by to the depot, empty, 'Sorry, I'm not in service'. No taxis in sight. Not one.

Our driver just let eveybody who wanted on on and that was everybody. To hell with the rules. They were standing, just as packed, upstairs as they were downstairs.

And he got us out. There are still some good men.

Meantime, Mrs Jim has been unable to get back from seeing her, er, 'people' at home over the weekend. No problem with flights out of Moscow. It's landing here that's the problem.

Ruth@VS said...

Nice pics, I've also posted some on my blog as per your request! Shocking that the motorway closed, we have way more motorways in this area and they never close, so something went very wrong. All credit to Lancashire County Council, today they gritted the road into the village (it's a B road) and refilled the salt bin by the bridge, so they at least learned the lessons of last winter.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I have suspected Mrs Jim all along. After all, the profile and M.O. fits.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Smoking, not sure about electric cars. When my car was built they still had a man with a red flag walking in front of it.