For Railway Fans Only

I came across this Oscar nominated film (hat tip to )
It is called simply, Snow, made for British Transport Films. There is a dramatic bit with a snow plough about two minutes in. Also worth looking out for is the dining car, where immaculate stewards serve plates of real food on linen table cloths and men smoke pipes and cigarettes. The film was made in 1963.


Daddy said...

Classic bit of Edgar Anstey's work. Thank you, WW for improving the start to my day!

Richard said...

+1 to that. I'm not a steam fanatic, but I could easily be, if you know what I mean. But what a nostalgia trip that was. Proper men, doing proper men's jobs, and not a hi-viz jacket in sight. 1963 was a hard winter, that's for sure. The snow in our road was waist-deep, and walking to school was an epic adventure. No 4x4 school runs in those days.

Thanks for that, WW.

wolfy said...

so terrific!

Dave said...

I found this on Youtube last year. An absolutely wonderful piece of the film maker's art. The sound track is superb, considering the primitive recording equipment available. Compression and delay and flanging/phasing years before it got into the pop music world.
The imagery is stunning.
No wonder it was nominated for an Oscar.
This one is great too