ticking over..

Christmas is coming
Christmas is coming
The snow is on the ground
It's getting cold and
Soon you'll see
Santa coming round
Jack Frost is tapping on
the window
with silvery frozen hands
while birds fly away
for the winter
away to warmer lands

(Wrinkled Weasel, aged 12)

The blog is only going to be ticking over for a few weeks. Seasonal Greetings to loyal readers. I shall be reading Rupert, Wind in the Willows and a few history books and listening to Beethoven, Sibelius and the usual obscure choral stuff. I expect we shall have some pheasant and, if our wine order leaves its depot in Droitwich (where it has languished for the last ten days) I will raise a glass to you all. Droitwich!

The Song is Kalyope Driver by Dando Shaft


Richard said...

A gift of Weasel juvenilia, for which many thanks. Not bad, not bad. I hadn't heard Dando Shaft for a long time, so thanks for the reminder. Great name; what next? Bruce Roger? Maitlis Furgle? Many, many possibilities.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, anyroadup.

wolfy said...

Merry Christmas to you Weasel!

Ruth@VS said...

And seasonal greetings to you, WW. I have got the shopping in, a 25k bag of bread flour under the table (I kid you not) and am all set for the snow-in, which should start on Thursday. Have a good one.

Jim Baxter said...

My best to all at Weasel Hall.

Blimey. Bit of a poet meself.