Two Zero One One

The new year is going to be difficult for me. I have spent the latter half of 2010 with irritating but not as yet life-threatening health things. So next year I am booked for a hernia operation. People don't talk about hernias very much, but I would welcome your support.

I still have unresolved matters with the Child Support Agency, depite my youngest being 24 years old. This is entirely due to their incompetance, which on a scale of incompetance is like asking an infinate number of monkeys to write the entire works of Shakespeare; I am sure they will get there in the end, but before then, they will continue to send me badly written, mis-addressed meaningless drivel, with menaces.
Our household income has risen, in theory above the level of inflation, but that's not happened, has it? What has happened is that everything we need, just to stand still, has gone up far more. Thank God we don't use credit cards. I dare say many who have are going to find some unpleasant mail drop through their doors in the new year.

Personally, there will be a time of change. The chances of Mrs Weasel and me moving and leaving Scotland altogether are higher than 50%. More on that if we do.

As for the national picture, I think it would not be far from the mark if I said I was disappointed. Disappointed that the General Election has changed very little. I am angry. Angry that the working classes have shouldered the burden of Gordon Brown's profligacy and that the Government refuses to make radical adjustments to the budget. It is all very well for students to claim that higher education is a right, but they are not paying for it are they? We are giving billions of pounds in foreign aid which is being squandered. Convenient then that the procedures for accounting it are less transparent than Anne Widdecome's knickers.

What concerns me most is our witch hunt culture, and the predilection of many to be instantly and deeply shocked and offended at the slightest deviation from the norm. I have never, in my 57 years, been so conscious of such a proscriptive and yet such a decadent society. People have not yet come to terms with the communications revolution. They cannot suppress it, and so they react to it like frightened children, screaming until they are sick and moaning that their rights have been infringed. I don't believe in human rights because rights have to be granted by somebody and I do not acknowledge that kind of lordship over my life save that of the Lord my God.

People who latch on to the buzz words of the day illustrate the poverty of imagination and cotagion of selfishness. I don't care what minority you are from, accept that you are part of society and move on, and seek acceptance and get it, but don't go acting the martyr. You are after all, a minority and you are such because there is a majority, like me, who if any nod to democracy is accepted, should also accept that we call the shots. Anything else is the tyranny of the weak over the many.

I don't think Halal meat should be sold in supermarkets. The practice is barbaric and is only allowed to appease Muslims. And on that note, there will be rivers of blood. Appeasement never has and never will work. Unless the pernicious evil that is Islamic extremism is confronted, you and I will neither be reading or writing blogs in years to come and neither will be have the priviledge of being a minority, for, they will cease to exist.
Person of the year award goes to Gillian Duffy, who singlehandedly showed the world what everyone in the loop already knew.

May your New Year be a healthy and solvent one. WW


strapworld said...

WW. Thank you for your always interesting and thought provoking blogs.

May i wish you and yours a very happy new year, although I share your concerns at the direction this country is heading and the lack of guts shown by all politicians.

I for years have considered that what occurred in Germany will happen here- only worse- and it will only take one more atrocity to create the domino effect.

Although he was not elected under the Ukip or Veritas banner I recall how thousands of people were drawn towards Robert Kilroy Silk. An articulate man with charisma.

If someone appears who can articulate the views of the common man and give them the hope the Germans found in Hitler I am afraid they will follow that individual.

Politicians through their theft of public funds and rejection of everything which made this country great have only themselves to blame.

I cannot see our way of governing surviving. Especially when people wake up and realise the stuff and nonsense being fed to them on global warming and, more importantly, the lies of most politicians in furthering the totalitarian European Union!

I just hope it is the military that take over, but I suspect that is why Blair, compounded by Brown and Cameron, placed them in Afghanistan!

Whatever way one looks at it, we are facing major problems.

If you move, WW, there is plenty of room in Wales and lots of valley's to hide in!!

So May auld acquaintance etc.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you Strapworld and please would you email me. I have lost your address.

I think the chances of any radical change in the country are slim. People are in thrall to the mainstream media and their agenda is to maintain the status quo.

It is no good libertarians and radicals sounding off on blogs because not enough of the same people read them. Hitler had the luxury of a captive audience and an understanding of how to manipulate the ochlocracy - much in the way they are manipulated today, by ridiculing and scapegoating their enemy. If things are going wrong, people need someone to blame, and currently it is conservative working class (those who work) Britain that is blamed, the same people who are holding the crumbling infrastructure together.

Just look at the speeches of Mr Rumpy Pumpy. If you want a paradigm of Hiterian rhetoric, look no further.

May you have a peaceful and healthy new year.

Ed P said...

Good joke (hernia/support)!

I had an iguinal hernia repair operation years ago, before keyhole surgery was used, leaving a 15cm scar. Because of this cut, the recovery time was quite long and slow. Now, with keyholes, it's only a few days and the discomfort is relatively minor.
Good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Brian said...

Or In God We Truss? Happy New Year to you and yours (not the dreadful R4 prog). I agree with you about the massive feeling of anticlimax after Expensesgate and the Parliamentary Reshuffle. We need to realise that sovereignty comes from the individual and is pooled for convenience, not dished out from above.
Halal and kosher slaughter are exemptions from the relevant legislation for the consumption by followers of the religious dietary codes only. Torturing more animals than necessary for economic reasons is illegal. It's odd that demobbed anti-fox hunters aren't picketing ethnic slaughterhouses, but not unexpected.

Ed Butt said...

Excellent summary of how things are WW. It is no surprise than nothing changed after the election. The people who really run the country never have to stand for election (and we're not talking about The Queen and her lot)

Our system is not democracy, the best phrase I've heard to describe it is populist authoritarianism. They control ever aspect of our lives and give us just enough bread and circuses to keep us from rebelling.

Lady Virginia Droit de Siegneur said...

Agree with all of this and would add the poisonous rise of professional politicians (you know PPE at Oxbridge, researcher, SPAD, parachuted in candidate), uncontrolled immigration, lack of common sense and decency and the appalling attitude towards education in this country - parent's fault mainly in my view.

One point from pedant's corner - try "competence" rather than "competance".

James said...

Have a brilliant 2011 WW. Thanks for hosting a great blog.
I admit I'd love it if you would respond to my ramblings but I'll settle for a good blog any day over a responsive blog.
All the best for 2011


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Lady V, welcome to the blog

James, I do respond sometimes, but only if I think it adds anything. All comments are read and I take them very seriously. Indeed, they are part of the process.