What a coincidence

Shrien Dewani, whose case was discussed this week at WWW appears to be the subject of an enormous coincidence. Mr Dewani has been linked by the South African government to an earlier murder in the country. According to the Telegraph:
Dr Raghavjee was also murdered in a carjacking near his home in King William's Town, 650 miles from Cape Town. Police at the time ruled out robbery as a motive because neither his car nor valuables were taken. 
It is obviously a coincidence that the MO appears to be the same. The widow of Dr Raghavjee, Heather, flew to Cape Town to comfort Mr Dewani after the terrible murder of his wife. Oddly enough, Mr Dewani said that he had never met Heather before in his life, but according to his publicist Max Clifford, Heather had made the journey to Cape Town only at the request of her daughter-in-law, Alvita Raghavjee, who lives in the Bristol area and knows the Dewani family.

So now it all makes sense. Two murders took place, linked perhaps by a similar modus operandi. Not unusually, and also, the two murders are linked because the families know each other. The widow of the first victim ( the interestingly named Dr Pox Raghavjee) felt compelled to fly out to Cape Town to comfort Mr Dewani. It was an extraordinary act of compassion.

In another act of kindness, Mr Dewani, who has been accused of paying off the conspiritors by the police authorities, has been filmed on CCTV "in full high definition colour" handing the Taxi driver  (now in jail for the murder)  a package of some kind, two days after the murder of his wife. I expect, as Max Clifford asserts, in the heat of the moment, Mr Dewani had not paid the cabbie his fare and remembered to do so later. That'll be it.

Best not to read to much into this because it is all becoming very confusing - an innocent man who has fallen victim to a series of massive coincidences. Best to let the proper procedures be gone through. People like me don't have the wit to understand these things.


Jim said...

" People like me don't have the wit to understand these things. "

Err I'm sorry but I told you it was all a load of bollox last week.
I should be in charge of this nonsense !

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Go to bed Jim!

Jim said...

oh ok. But watch this tonight. Just an hour of your time...


You will thank me.

Jim said...

or try this . Cool..


strapworld said...


I share your concern for this innocent man.

I was, though, struck by the description of this man by people in the hotel and the police, immediately after the police arrived following the call that his wife had been 'kidnapped'.

There is more to this case, I am absolutely amazed he was given bail and I hope, for the courts' sake that he does not skip bail!

I just sit back in my rocking chair and think of what we once had in this country, and what we have now. We have not progressed!

My eldest son has just gone, with wife and grandson,to a "naming ceremony".

We are going back in time. Soon the Lord of the Manor will be claiming first rites of brides again!

What did Newley sing 'Stop the world I want to get off'

Brian said...

What did Sellars sing "Goodness, Gracious Me"?