What Weather?

Erm, this weather...
Ventured out to find a Transit, a Kangoo and a Discovery all stuck at the bottom of the lane.
Men at work discussing snow and its ability to mire a Landrover Discovery

This is today's scene outside Weasel Hall
Edinburgh Airport is closed at least until 14.00 today.
update: buses in and out of Edinburgh were cancelled earlier today, forcing thousands of commuters to walk home. Workers at the Royal Infirmary left early in order to trudge back to town, whilst others simply have not been able to get home at all.


Jim said...

I managed to get my car to safety just before our road got blocked with 2 feet of global warming. It's a pain walking a quarter mile to the car but at least I can drive into town. Although there's now a petrol shortage ..erk..

Ruth@VS said...

Nice photos. Wish I had taken my camera out with me this morning to capture the snowy scenes. It was -5C at 10am, so quite chilly!

Ed P said...

That's what you get with Land Rover - an unpleasant Discovery! I thought these were a towny's idea of an off-road vehicle.
(Although, to be fair to LR, most do not know how to engage differential lock in 4WD, rather useful in these unexceptional, quite normal winter conditions)

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Jim, I suspect you have been very canny and very lucky at the same time.

Ruth. A great picture of the cat on your blog (said WW grudgingly). Time for some snow scenes.

Ed, I don't have a 4x4, but if I did I would probably get a Defender or a Jeep cos it's cheap. Not that I know anything about these things.

Out of my Saab and Bora, the VW is handling slightly better right now, but the Saab has been very reliable up to now, though can be a bit skitty because of the turbo and torque. Certainly neither of them have faired worse than the Cayenne or the Disco or the Volvo C70 Coupe on our little patch, which is interesting considering the extras spec on my Saab does not run to a cup holder.