Wrinkled Weasel wants a job

I want a job, a writing job. I want a writing job because I am frustrated that the blog, coruscating and entertaining as it is, offers less scope for the kind of properly researched and considered material that interests me. I am a trained, experienced journalist and broadcaster who understands the ground rules and the system. Sadly, as a blogger the resources I have to pursue this are limited which is why the frustration has set in. It is time I got a proper job as part of a team of professionals who care about what they are doing, with all the support and resources that it comes with, so that I can turn my written output up a few notches.

I don't mind if this job is writing instruction manuals for opening tetrapaks or shrink wrapped sirloin steak (somebody should). I don't mind if it means that I have to travel to third world countries like Spain or Ireland - I can cope with mild discomfort and always carry a spare pair of pants in case of delays.

If you are a megalomaniac set on world media domination please get in touch. I enclose my CV; six years of writing for pleasure and for passion. There may be irrelevant posts, irreverent posts and not quite up to the mark posts, but there are also a lot of rather good posts and collectively they will give you a realistic picture of Wrinkled Weasel's World.

My email is in my profile. Please get in touch.


Jim said...

WW. Do lots of posts on the dangers of global warming. How the EU will create wealth and happiness. The importance of mass 3rd world immigration into the UK to help multiculturalism and save jobs. How nasty the coalition and SNP are, etc etc...
You will get a job with the BBC in no time at all.
Oh and even better if you can pronounce 'sport' as 'spawrt' and 'football' as fawtball'.
If you do a few posts along these lines then your regular commenters can all go along with it with relevant comments supporting your ideas if you like ?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Certainly the majority of popular media tends towards a liberal left worldview but there are a few voices in the wilderness. The Spectator is one place they inhabit.

As for me, I don't expect you think I will sell out. I refused to join the NUJ when it operated a closed shop, because it operated a closed shop and because it supported the print unions who also operated a tyrannical closed shop. It did not do my career a lot of good, but if you acquiesce you are part of the problem, not the solution. There were others around who felt the same such as Bill Bryson, but he was more successful in finding an alternative way to indulge his creative urges.

wolfy said...

let me know how that goes for you -- i've had an agent for two years and i can't even get a tiny book published. i mean there are thousands of crummy books out there, it seemed like it wouldn't be a problem, but all i get are uplifting rejections, so i blog and i blog and i blog.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Wolfy, you have an agent! I think you must have some talent and a USP. Agents are very picky. Twenty of them did not pick me, but then again I am probably not nor ever will be a novel writer.

Jim said...

The blogger leg iron will be getting his book published soon WW / wolfy. With a chance to meet him in April aswell !
He was saying that he also had a difficult time trying to get a publisher. I think his publisher is in the US.


wolfy said...

i feel very fortunate to have an agent . . . i just lose perspective i guess. The American publishing industry is extremely tight these days, no optimism, thank the gods for the blogosphere.

i'm digging your blog!