Buddy Holly Jr

By the end of November 1958, Myra Lou Blanton knew she was pregnant and she was pretty sure who the father was, though nobody in Lubbock knew that. Before anybody could have guessed about her condition, Myra Lou was moved to Panhandle, Carson County. The kid was born in July the following year. His father was dead by then and Betty never talked about him. “I’ll tell you one day honey”.

Troy Hardin Blanton was bright but daydreamed away his school days. Sometimes he wondered who his dad was and what he was doing now and where he lived but all he got was, “I’ll tell you one day honey”.

Troy got a job at the hardware store and stayed around Panhandle for the rest of his short life, until the day he fell off a roof and smashed his skull in the summer of 1976. He was buried next to his mother who had died just weeks before. He had been singing that day. While fixing the roof he’d been thinking of his mother and her secret, the one she never told him and now never would. “I guess it doesn’t matter anymore”.

There you go and baby here am I
Well you left me here so I could sit and cry
Well -Golly gee what have you done to me
Well I guess It Doesn't Matter Any More

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