The Death of British Comedy

As if we need more shit; bad roads, third world education, Zimbabwean hospitals and corrupt politicians. The British Comedy Awards demonstrated a new low in Comedy. Just look at the list of winners. Apart from the writers of Peep Show, The Inbetweeners and Peter Capaldi, I cannot see any merit whatsoever. And The Thick of It has been off the air for two years. Michael MacIntyre? Well he had to win Best Male Comic because the BBC says he is, having signed him up to an exclusive deal that means we will see him in everything on all BBC channels. What a puker!

Miranda? Saw one episdode and it looked like the sort of thing Peter Glaze and Lesley Crowther used to do on Crackerjack! Remember them? She's a spin off from Not Going Out, which used to be good but if the first three episodes of the latest series is anything to go by, TV is the box they buried Lee Mack in.

John Bishop got a mention, but he's safe. Where was Frankie Boyle when you need him? Scotland has a grand tradition of comics and if you cannot stomach Boyle (I can) then what about Kevin Bridges? I saw Frankie Boyle years ago live at The Stand and he had the audience dribbling their brains through their noses. Where are your Pete and Duds? Where are your Blackadders and Morcambe and Wises?

Here are three clips that are comedy gold. Fuck the awards, its all fixed anyway.

I saw this one on somebody else's blog, and hat tip, but I cannot remember where.

And Milton Jones

UPDATE: Jim more or less prompted me to include the meister:


Jim Baxter said...

Frankie Boyle is funny almost to beyond what the human frame can take.

The Grim Reaper said...

I posted the million candles one a few weeks ago. You might have seen it there?

Wrinkled Weasel said...
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King Athelstan said...

Those four are all the evidence you need that British comedy is alive and well, saw Milton Jones last week and it was probably the funniest gig I'd ever seen, also had the privilege of seeing Bridges last year and wasn't disappointed. I also saw John Bishop and while he may be safe he does have a terrific ability to work off the audience without a script.

Brian said...

I've just started watching Phoneshop on 4oD. Great first episode, hope the rest keep up the standard.