Ed Balls - what's not to like?

Well actually a few things. Balls was at the Treasury when PFI was taken off the balance sheet, thus masking the eye-watering level of public debt. Balls was there when the  banking regulation that so spectacularly failed was put in place. When we achieved the biggest deficit in peacetime history, Balls was there. Balls was Brown's homunculus. Balls screwed money out of the Smith Institute, a fake charity set up to fund the Labour Party. Balls and his wife flipped homes three times and charged a poppy wreath to expenses.

But most of all, Balls has starey, piggy little eyes and a Third Reich hair cut. My dislike of Balls is visceral. Some are already calling him the de facto leader of the Labour Party. He is certainly the true face of Labour.


Richard said...

Answer: everything.

I like the Third Reich haircut (the name, rather than the style). I thought of it as a Borstal Boy cut, but I think yours is a better one (the name, rather than the style).

The man is a pefect illustration of the science of physiognomy - he looks a cunt, because he is a cunt.

King Athelstan said...

Apparently Ed Balls gets up early so He can hate the tories more.I dont need to get up early to hate Ed Balls or his repulsive spouse, he's against reason, God, humanity and decency.

Brian said...

He's the git that keeps on taking.

Lenko said...

It's that self-satisfied, smug, permanent half-sneer, half-grin on his overstuffed face that sends an instinctive signal to most of us.

Richard said it best -- he looks a cunt because he IS a cunt.