Good ol' Rock and Roll - Nicki Gillis inc Dave

Nicki Gillis and Band - Dave on Left
Nicki Gillis is an Australian Rockette who has toured the UK. She has an eclectic repertoire, including a recorded duet with Frank Ifield, singing, I remember you and a great version of the Buddy Holly song "I guess it doesn't matter anymore". Last year, her UK tour bass player was Dave Clemo, a regular poster on this blog. Dave is hoping to get on this year's tour with Nicki, health permitting. You can find out more at but you can hear and see her strut her stuff below. Wow!


Smoking Hot said...

Excellent WW.

You should venture down to the Skegness Butlins Rock n Blues Weekend 28-31 Jan 2011.

Just some of the lineup :-
* Uriah Heep
* Dr Feelgood
* Monsters of british rock
* Girlschool
* Sandi Thom
* The Pretty Things
* The Hamsters
* Climax Blues Band
* Gary Fletcher Band (from The Blues Band)
* King King
* The Heavy Metal Kids
* Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes
* The Quireboys
* Nine Below Zero
* Slack Alice

We're in a silver standard apartment for 4 ... costing us 55 quid each for the whole 3 nights!

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Smoking, are you serious about that line up? I absolutely envy you.

Smoking Hot said...

Yes, l am serious. Don't envy us ... join us. Treat yourself ... you won't regret it.

Richard said...

The only reason I have ever seen to go to Skeggy!

As for the band - good old fashioned rock'n'roll. Can't beat it.

Jim Baxter said...

Utterly unmemorable noise. Grey whistle test that! But, one classy broad.

Smoking Hot said...

OGWT ... happy days. :)

strapworld said...

WW. Goodness she is good, very good. This is the first time I have heard Dave Clemmo on bass and he is exceptional. As a former bass guitar player in the rock group pub scene in Middlesbrough/Stockton on Tees area in the early sixties, this sound brought so many memories back. Gosh i wish I was eighteen again!

Thanks to you and especially Dave the excellent lead guitar and Nicki Gillis.

strapworld said...

WW. Perhaps Dave could keep us informed of the 2011 tour and dates and venues I would really like to hear her live.

Dave said...

Dear Strapworld,
Not so many shows in the North East next time, but we are at North Biddick Social club, Washington on Weds 13th July. It's a nice venue.

And I think we're in Darlington on Sat 3rd September
Full list in due course

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I shall publish a list of the gigs when Dave sends them.