I'm only a DAD

I was surprised and moved to read about the experiences of readers who, as fathers, have suffered at the hands of vengeful women over the custody of their children.

I happened to me and it seems there are a few of us out there. Harriet Harman and her cronies have seen fit to turn us into victims and scapegoats for the failure of society but I will tell you the truth, all we want is to see our kids and have a normal relationship with them, and yet so many women employ the worst kind of revenge when it comes to failed marriage. Some women think that it is justified to use the weight of the law, a law that is obscenely slewed in favour of them, to extract revenge and punishment.

My troubles are mostly over, but there are people out there whose hearts are broken because a woman has decided to use the children as a rod for our backs. Sure, some men are bastards, but there are an awful lot of women out there who are worse. It is time to call time on the marginalisation of men, whose only crime is to have failed in a relationship with a woman. It takes two, but somehow, society does not see it that way, and it is about time that it did.


Richard said...

In the interests of truth and fairness, I should point out that my beef is with the court system, not with women, although I admit they can behave badly. My ex was very traumatised by the split, and I can't blame her for lashing out. She has since admitted that she asked for sole custody as a way of spiting me, and that she was wrong to do so. She never stopped me from seeing the kids, although she made damn sure it was precisely on her terms (times, locations etc). I even got a speeding ticket trying to get them back at the agreed time once.

With her, it was minor stuff like accidentally-on-purpose forgetting my birthday, father's day and so on, which hurts but is hardly suicide material. She's now well settled with a new partner and we get on reasonably well.

But the way the divorce and the custody was dealt with by the courts shattered my belief in an impartial justice system. Until then, I had always thought that Kafka was an Eastern European thing. Not so.

Brian said...

Another depressing story about the Judges' power grab. Parliament must regain control from this unelected clique.

Foxy Brown said...

A very sobering read. I understand completely why the men of this country go off to the Ukraine or the Philipines to find wives.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Foxy, I am not sure that is the solution. What I want in a partner is an equal, not an adoring vestal.FWIW my other half is cleverer and more successful than me. She is also incapable of being mean.