Nancy Boy Bin Men

Finally the reports are coming out from all over this Septic Isle that the Bin Men have been less than helpful over the period of cold weather and the Christmas holidays and the New Year's Holidays.

Whether they really have been health and safetyed into submission I know not. All I know is that their performance during the last few weeks has caused me to suspect their manhood. Where I live is rural, but not insanely rural. I live on a lane that has commercial traffic and can take an HGV1. My coalman delivered during the worst of the weather and actually made extra deliveries. Ditto the log man who had been up before dawn feeding his flock of sheep. Dr Weasel made it into work on all but three days (when the M8 got closed for 12 hours and the trains did not run for days on end) and did a nearly 30 mile round trip in a saloon car, in appallingly dangerous conditions. The refuse facility is less than four miles from us. The Bin Men did not visit our house and when they did they did not collect the extras. The Bin Men gave up after a dusting of snow and because it was Christmas, they gave up again. Britain's Bin Men are nancy boys and should all go home and get their mums to knit them winter scarves, just like Private Pike. Lazy limp wristed Fuckers.


Richard said...

It's all down to the entitlement culture: I am a Council employee, and therefore my welfare is all that matters. If these guys were running their own outfits, you would have seen heroic efforts to get the job done, based purely on pride. You know, like we used to do.

To be fair, Pembrokeshire's local authority made sure all the main roads were gritted, and all the bins got collected. If they stuck to the basics, they'd be brilliant.

Brian said...

The joke in the JobCentre about bin men was "was it industrial injury or gender reassignment?" Made us laugh while we waited for the computers to uncrash. They're not a happy lot since equality job-scoring judgements put dinner ladies up the pay scale and brought them down.

Katabasis said...

Amen to that WW.

On my 8th complaint to Veolia in Sheffield already over the last six months.

I could hardly believe some of the 'bin hell' stories I'd been reading until it happened to me.

moorlandhunter said...

The bin lorries ALWAYS stop as soon as a flake of snow hits the road and then the excuses come out, ‘it's too dangerous for lorries to move,’ ‘the ground is slippery,’ and the best of all, ‘bin men have been taken off refuge duty to help with salt spreading.’
I get F all for my council tax, Police that are being PC'd to death and working for a pension afraid to upset the apple cart as are the Fire Service and as I have no little moorlandhunters in the nest going through education I get nothing in return for my Council Tax so I expect my bin to be empted when it should. Have the Councils not heard of snow chains for their lorries and ice grippers for their crystal boned staff?