Power Vacuum

I have just been deprived of electricity for six and a half hours. I tried to empathise with my neighbour. "It's the Country!" he said. Did he mean Scotland or the fact that I live less than fifteen miles from Edinburgh?

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Richard said...

We've had good service for the last few years, but until then we had regular power cuts here, sometimes lasting a day or so. We still live in readiness, with candles, matches and so on in 'known' places, a plain old kettle for the gas hob, and multiple energy sources - propane, electricity, oil, wood and coal. It used to be quite good fun, although I think I would miss my interwebs now in a way that I didn't then.

I'm lightning, me. I can take the time off the radio-signalled battery clock in the kitchen and reset every timer and clock in the house within the minute. Years of practice. Power cuts? We shit 'em.